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  1. Be the Showrunner: Operation Overdrive
  2. Be the Show Runner: Lightspeed Rescue
  3. Be the showrunner:Mghty Morphin Power Rangers
  4. Power Rangers Samurai is on amazon video library
  5. Dead cast members?
  6. Adult Rangers?
  7. What if Andros not Karone?
  8. Rangers who didn't want to be Rangers
  9. I like how people who want a "darker" power rangers
  10. The Crystal of Nightmares
  11. Be The Show Runner: Lost Galaxy's "Ancient Rangers"
  12. Vote for Eyeshine (JYB's band) to play at the Grammy's
  13. AMD Radeon's X-Rangers
  14. Awesome ideas for the next Power Rangers seasons.
  15. Forgettable PR Seasons
  16. 5 or 3?
  17. Will Saban make another Power Rangers movie?
  18. Most Emotional "Final Scene" in PR history, from a storyline perspective
  19. Best and worst
  20. Best voice acting
  21. Non-Sentai Created Rangers
  22. How would Billy have gotten written out if he stuck around longer?
  23. Power Rangers Samurai Intro - Single
  24. Would Jason Faunt return to Power rangers?
  25. Episodes Viewed Alone
  26. Sanzu River: RPM Dimension !!!
  27. Introductory episodes and seasons.
  28. Power Rangers sexist?
  29. Rita or Zedd - Who was more successful?
  30. Thunderzords Question
  31. Can Power Rangers ever end on a high note?
  32. Competicion between Evil Forces !! Dark Specter Evil Forces...
  33. Yu-Gi-Oh! in Power Rangers?
  34. Missing Battleizers
  35. [EPISODE] Legacy of Power
  36. What was the better season Power rangers Time force or Power rangers in Space?
  37. Power Rangers Super Samurai Theme Song on iTunes
  38. Since when do Columbia Japan own Time Force?
  39. Saban looking to extend his reach
  40. Power Rangers RPM: Pros and Cons
  41. Current Samurai team: Weakest or Strongest?
  42. Which Diva?
  43. Can Power Rangers be seen as an alternate universe to the Super Sentai Series?
  44. Power Rangers Time Force: Pros and Cons
  45. Samurai Powers Connected to the Morphing Grid
  46. The fate of Bulkmeiers
  47. MMPR: TM suits in the actual show
  48. Paulie Schrier Facebook Q&A
  49. [OFFICIAL] Power Rangers: Super Samurai Discussion (No Spoilers)
  50. Power Rangers: Super Samurai Game on Nick.COM
  51. Opinions in Fandom Debate
  52. I liked Operation Overdrive.
  53. Zordon's BIG Mistake
  54. Power Rangers and appointment television
  55. Power Rangers on Amazon Instant Video
  56. Power Rangers version of Go-Busters
  57. [OFFICIAL] Shout! Factory's Power Rangers DVDs
  58. We need a Power Rangers: E! True Hollywood Story
  59. Bulk and Spike's income?
  60. Question about Hayley?
  61. Secret Crisis. What is it?
  62. PRJF and RPM in same dimension
  63. Alex Heartman on Figure It Out
  64. Samurai and MMPR continuity issue
  65. Power Rangers 2012-2013 Live Tours & Appearances Thread
  66. [EPISODE] Favorite Episode From Each Season
  67. Licensing International Expo 2012 - Exclusive Power Rangers Megaforce News
  68. Megazord Cockpits.
  69. Dragon Coin Creator and Time Paradox Discussion
  70. Mix the villains through the seasons
  71. Could the Scorpion Stinger have been a living creature once?
  72. Is it weird that I find Lord Zedd sexually attractive?
  73. Concerning the Z-wave and who it didn't kill
  74. Favorite Red and Blue Rangers
  75. Power Rangers Owner Sues Over 'Power Hoodiez' Sweatshirts
  76. Cast and Crew Interaction with the Forums
  77. What if PRiS had a video-game theme?
  78. Power Ranger video game question.
  79. The Galaxy Book and its Origin
  80. Lionsgate Power Rangers DVDs
  81. Samurai's First Episode: The Team Unites or Origins
  82. The faults of MMPR Season 2.
  83. Which season is better? Operation Overdrive or Samurai/Super Samurai?
  84. fan theory can the government tap into the Morphing Grid?
  85. The faults of MMPR season 3
  86. How can Scott and RPM Attack Bots get from one dimension to another?
  87. MMPR (overall for all 3 seasons): Love, Like, Dislike or Hate it?
  88. Need help with a Ninja Storm picture
  89. Venjix as a God
  90. Tekkoshocon X - It's Morphin' Time: A Power Rangers Panel ft. David Fielding
  91. Power Rangers Samurai Modes Discussion
  92. Rank the seasons from favorite to least
  93. Power Rangers Legend War Discussion
  94. RANK: Best Power Rangers Season
  95. If each season is in it's own universe, does that make season 3 a downer ending?
  96. Power Rangers DVD Question
  97. Different Age Groups Liking Different Series?
  98. VR Troopers Discussion
  99. Your opinion on Lightspeed?
  100. Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards 2012
  101. The Rangers powers from the Morphing Grid.
  102. Shogun Rangers.
  103. [OFFICIAL] RangerCrew's April Fools Prank
  104. Grand Shogun and Nighlok Forces !!!
  105. Samurai Rangers' last names
  106. Space Ninjas With Attitude
  107. Pick a Season to make into a movie
  108. Masked Rider Discussion
  109. Samurai City
  110. Henshin Grid: Disney Leaving Power Rangers
  111. Power Rangers Samurai Magazines - UK Issue Releasing on April 19th
  112. MMPR/MMAR Time Reversal Discussion
  113. What was the purpose of the Power Morphers?
  114. Are the Colours of the Rangers Significant?
  115. Alpha 1-4
  116. How can Gold exist in Samurai?
  117. Who is the best actor in Samurai?
  118. general question about mmpr
  119. Zeo - Samurai connection?
  120. THEORY: The morphing grid is more of an idea than a real thing.
  121. Ignorance of other Rangers in Samurai
  122. Top 10 worst MMPR monsters
  123. Japanese culture in Samurai City
  124. Who is more devious
  125. PAPERCUTZ Power Rangers Graphic Novels
  126. PR:OO VS Captain Planet. Lowest educational value.
  127. Forever Red Plot holes Discussion
  128. Space patol deltas Judgment Scanners are never wrong?
  129. In the MMPR Universe: Is there a difference between Magic and Morphing Grid energy?
  130. The Origins Of Dark Specter
  131. (Super) Samurai vs. Mystic Force: which season is better?
  132. Power Rangers Lost Episode
  133. Power Rangers Memes
  134. Another theory why some villains were spared by the Z-Wave...
  135. Time Force Episode Ordering
  136. [OFFICIAL] Anniversary Season for the Fans
  137. Mystic Force Timeline
  138. Cellphone Morphers - Love, Like, or Hate?
  139. MMPR The Movie
  140. Spike's mom
  141. Samurai Rangers' ethinicites
  142. Characters you wished had more focus
  143. Question on Operation Overdrive: Once A Ranger
  144. Best & Worst Opening Theme Songs of all seasons.
  145. RANK: Best Red Ranger
  146. MMPR Question
  147. Panorama City and Mia's Last Name
  148. Blake Foster (Justin, Turbo) on being added to groups
  149. Zord Question
  150. Favorite character/villian?
  151. Multi Seasons
  152. David Trueheart
  153. Good actors that played a bad character
  154. PRIS: Power Rangers in School
  155. Power Rangers Jungle Fury: Pros and Cons
  156. A few questions about Terra Venture.
  157. Power Rangers: Samurai Props
  158. Favorite Villain From Each Season?
  159. What if...Calidor never fell to evil (Mystic Force)
  160. Missing Team-Ups 1: Ninja Storm/Wild Force
  161. C2D Question
  162. Missing Team-Ups 2: Mystic Force/S.P.D.
  163. Missing Team-Ups 3: Jungle Fury/Operation Overdrive
  164. Character archetype or type you want to see
  165. Missing Team-Ups 4: RPM/Jungle Fury
  166. What Are Your Favorite/Least Favorite First Episodes?
  167. Venjix merged with the Morphing Grid
  168. Mighty Morphin Power Rangers on TeleToon Retro - Season 2?
  169. Nighlok Transformation !!!(Humans becames Nighloks)
  170. Mystic Force getting dubbed next
  171. is Power Rangers a death sentence for actors?
  172. Missing Team-Ups 5: Turbo/Zeo
  173. Samurai Rangers In The Cherry Blossom Parade
  174. Best Red S.P.D. Ranger
  175. PR Actors Doing Their Own Stunts
  176. Actors' ages...
  177. Power Ranger actors in SAG
  178. Power Rangers Mystic Force: Pros and Cons
  179. RPM in real world?
  180. Guilty Pleasures Thread. You know you've got 'em. What are they?
  181. PR DVDS: Get all or only some that are a favorite?
  182. What can saban do instead of just copying shinkenger all the time
  183. Why all the Turbo hate?
  184. Vote for "Power Rangers Vs. Ninja Turtles"
  185. I'v been watching Ninja Storm and had this thought:
  186. What if: How would you have done MMPRv2?
  187. Hottest Pink Ranger?
  188. What made them do something so different in the adaptions of Megaranger and Gingaman?
  189. What Power Rangers Season title do you think needs to be different
  190. Mighty Morphin Bullies
  191. [OFFICIAL] Shout! Factory's Non-PR Saban DVDs
  192. Divatox Question
  193. Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Battle Bikes Question
  194. Power Rangers On Monkey Quest
  195. PRDT Question
  196. Recent ranger teams vs. old villains?
  197. What did you think of Super Samurai?
  198. Toxica actress
  199. Power Rangers in Space - civilian costume error
  200. Soothes or causes headaches?
  201. Return to Proper Extended Theme Songs
  202. JDF getting NEW White Ranger suit!
  203. Rito Revolto's Skeletal Appearance
  204. Titanus and Tor the Shuttlezord
  205. Dark Specters Unrivaled Dominance?
  206. Which Characters do you wish interacted more often and explain?
  207. A Mighty Morphin Burlesque
  208. What ever happened to Ernie?
  209. Were the Dinozords in any way capable of use in S2?
  210. R.I.P. Richard Rabago (Tao Chong)
  211. Corona Aurora / Lights Of Orion / Zeo Crystals / Quasar Sabers
  212. is the power an actual force or a philosophy developed by Zordon?
  213. National Lampoon's Men In White - That movie with the PR monster suits in it
  214. Times When Rangers Grow?
  215. Stan Lee meets the MMPRs
  216. What if Capcom made a Power Rangers fighting game or action game?
  217. Power Rangers Super Samurai on Kinect
  218. What actors/actresses could play any of the PR characters? (Part II)
  219. Sixth Rangers Discussion
  220. Power Rangers Musical Moments
  221. Lord Zedd's Exposed Brain
  222. Galactabeasts
  223. The Lost Galaxy
  224. Tommy Still Keeping Tabs?
  225. Titanium Ranger
  226. [OFFICIAL] Power Rangers Megaforce Casting II
  227. Little Angels' Haven- What is it?
  228. Power Rangers Names
  229. Cam and Mia?
  230. Want More American Toku on DVD? Tell Shout! Factory
  231. What are some of the best/strangest/stupid theories you've heard?
  232. RPM sequel
  233. My Opinion on How Dairanger and Kakuranger Should've Been Adapted
  234. How old was Zordon?
  235. Power Ranger Sound Effects
  236. Redo Team-Ups 1: RPM/Samurai "Clash of the Red Rangers"
  237. Name a few Pre-Zyuranger series that should have been adapted for Power Rangers
  238. Redo Team-Ups 2: Lost Galaxy/Lightspeed Rescue "Trakeena's Revenge"
  239. Kate Sheldon's age?
  240. Redo Team-Ups 3: Dino Thunder/S.P.D. "History" and "Wormhole"
  241. Theories on the White Ranger with Red Rangers on the 20th anniversary poster
  242. Super Fan Requirements
  243. MMPR & VR Troopers stickers
  244. Tellegen Says Hi!
  245. [OFFICIAL] Power Rangers at Comic Con 2012
  246. Redo Team-Ups 4: "Once A Ranger"
  247. Another season of RPM??
  248. A thought about Gokaiger's adaptation
  249. Did Rocky know they were getting new powers?
  250. Nickelodeon's Influence on Megaforce