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Silent J
09-05-2009, 10:12 AM
Hello RangerCrew.
I'm new here, but I'm hoping you'll bear with that...
(If you've heard of it, I'm on Ranger board as well)

**Please Understand, I Only Ship Within The US**

Like the title says I'm selling some parts of my collection and I thought you all would like to check these items out.

TRANSFORMERS (Movie figures): I have some Transformer toys from the movie, some still in boxes.
_Ask for details_

~**Here is link with pictures of what I'm selling:**~


Feel free to offer on any of the items there.

If you have any questions or want pictures to some/one of the items send me a PM or post here.
Thanks in advance, J.

Edit: The Animus Megazord (Still up for grabs) and the Ninja Megazord (Kakure Daishogun) are both Knock-off's.

SPD Morpher - Paid
Mystic Morpher - Paid
Fury Edition Mystic Morpher - Paid
Sealed Overdrive Tracker (Morpher) - Paid (Loose Overdrive Tracker is still for sale)
White Tiger Coin (Crest) - Paid
Fierce Dragon Morpher - Paid
Red Super Legend Figure (MMPR) - Paid
Blue Ranger and Thunder Bike set - Paid
Yellow Ranger and Thunder Bike set - Paid
Gold Power Morpher - Paid
Power Morpher - Paid
Digivolving Black Wargraymon - Paid
Digivolving Warp MetalGarurumon/Gabumon - Paid
Digivolving Magnamon - Paid
Digivolving Omnimon - Paid (Given as an extra)
Kongazord - Paid
Isis Zord - Paid
Wildforce Zord - Paid
Dragonzord - Paid

Digimon Related:

$15 for either the D-Warrior Gaogamon or D-Warrior Renamon

The D-warrior figures are about 6" tall.

Mortified Penguin
09-18-2009, 04:16 AM
Do you still have the D-Warrior Blackwargreymon and the D-Warrior Wargreymon?

Silent J
09-20-2009, 11:06 AM
Sorry, no I don't.