View Full Version : [FOR SALE] Masked Rider "Morpher" and Power Rangers Sale

09-08-2009, 03:18 PM
Hi ,

Gonna keep it simple : Taking offers !:rpmred:

payment --> paypal !

for sale -->

-Masked rider ecto...( the morpher ) MINT in box

-set of 6 ninja rangers 100 % complete ( rocky , adam , aisha , tommy , kim , billy )
-set of 3 mmpr the movie figures 100% complete ( rocky , adam , aisha )

-ninjastorm truck with red ranger figure and weapons of the truck

-spd blue delta morphin figure.

-wild force red savage cycle ( mint in box)

-time force red strata cycle ( mint in box)

-lost galaxy red capsular cycle ( mint in box)

-lost galaxy red speeder cycle ( mint in box)

shipping is 26 (37 us dollar ) to the us and uk , without trackingnumber but with insurance .and the more you buy = you pay 1 time the shipping.
( i know shipping cost sucks , but it's the only way and the safest without tracking , atleast insurance , also on ebay , but i 4 got to mention that fact )

here are the pics ! :shinred:

http://kx4xiw.bay.livefilestore.com/y1pa-YK1XtcCfAzJhlfZ9PwKeUluWzGStMCWkk7O9_uFFx6C94uG_AZ 3BUNhG6iGes5Tu-WC-jaRH0zWwB8ByWfMg/01.mmpr%202%20collection.jpg



http://kx4xiw.bay.livefilestore.com/y1pEsahwp-_ZHKvwzER1Kg12vp9KNKkleVI6PkV2moMSAVD4VNc_vOf8rfMi IRUKhRvXZYgUujS_y78NfHLTqu6Cw/11.spd%20collection%20(7).jpg

http://kx4xiw.bay.livefilestore.com/y1pB6PVSWGFtgl_Ud4bjWA9alXSMQdEYw5eD40vqGjUhdpLDam XaltqTvDCmn4M78qWyXtMZHLI2me5xkIjUb78SQ/07.time%20force%202%20collection.jpg

Not all pictures are online , but i'll put them later online .:shinpink:

Do'nt forget to visit my auctions on ebay....:mmred: