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Thread: Erin Cahill

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    It's good to know the former Pink Ranger found her offscreen happily ever after

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    So she really did get married?! Congrats, Erin

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    Congratulations, Erin!

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    Erin did an interview for her new movie Cut to the Chase

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    don't know that Erin is married! congrats

    her husband is a lucky man to marry a PR alumni go same for Kim, Kendrix, Alyssa and Taylor's actresses and many others to name same for Male Rangers to their lucky wives

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    I actually met her in person a couple of weeks ago.

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    Lucky, Dark! I hope I can meet her someday. We're both Virginia natives.

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    She was at Salem Oregon during comic con. She was actually nice, and she didn't see the 2017 film either, but most likely she did.

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