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Thread: Power Rangers Samurai "There Go The Brides" Episode

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    Big Words my *censor* Huzzah's Avatar
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    Apr 2009
    This season, so far, this was probably one of the best episodes. The acting (except for Emily's line at the end about the cupcakes, though her line when she busted out the cake was far more beleivable), was far better than in previous episodes...

    Normal sized Moogers finally actually making a show, and doing something...though for an instant I was expecting to see some un-morphed fighting footage, especially with Mia when she was captured, but such luck...

    There was no lame pun spewing monster of the week...Dayu had a couple, but at least her puns really didn't seem forced, nor completely lame. Deker...we'll have to wait and see how he turns out...almost felt like Dayu and Deker had a history together...

    Also mentioning Dayu, I was really glad to see a "general" actually fighting the Rangers, and holding her own fairly well.

    Two things happened with Bulk and Spike that just made me smile. First, Bulk and Spike had an encounter with the monsters...almost...and once again those two were ready to fight them with their kendo sticks...fine line between bravery and stupidity...but still give them props for being willing to do that. The second thing that I was ecstatic about, was that they finally had some interaction with the Rangers...mind you it was minimal...but that just made my day, it was about time the cast actually interacted...hopefully that won't be the last time.

    The Rangers were fairly least by this series good for them...

    Was it great? Not exactly, but it was yarns better than anything from previous weeks, so good on them. Hopefully we'll some positive build from this episode, which almost succeeded in a lot of places the rest of the season (thus far) has failied. Though part of me thinks that this will probably me a single (almost) hit, amongst a season full of misses.

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    Scillon Forever! <3 Mr. Underachiever's Avatar
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    Feb 2008
    This is REALLY an episode they could've skipped.

    And I miss sexy Dayu voice.

    Though points for not bullshitting and finally showing Bulk and Spike in the same scene with the rangers.

    That's about it.

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    Resident Grita Fangirl terrierlee's Avatar
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    Aug 2007
    A lot of similarities with Shinken, so I kinda lol'd when we went to commercial RIGHT AFTER THE DOUBLES WENT INTO THE WAREHOUSE AND IT BLEW UP. I instantly thought it was horrible, but hey, I knew what their plan was. I wanted Kevin in a dress though ): COME ON NICK, YOU USED TO PROMOTE CROSSDRESSING ALL THE TIME.

    The girls DID show off some decent acting in this episode. But for a second there, I was like, "...Why is Kevin fighting alongside Mi--Oh yeah."

    I literally got out of my seat in surprise when Emily and Jayden nearly ran into Bulk and Spike. MY OTP. THEY WERE NEAR EACH OTHER. THEY KNOW THE OTHER EXISTS!!! \o/

    Also, maybe it's just me... but I SWORE the credits in the opening said "Mentor-Ji." wtfhyphen

    Deker... was boring, just like his sentai counterpart. Good, my expectations for him are already low. SURPRISE ME, SAMURAI. Though, still getting hard off the thought of fighting with Red? Oh man. At least Uramasa should be the same.

    Edit: Oh yeah. NEEDS MORE SHAMISEN PLAYING. Wtf did they call it? Harmonizer?
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    The ONLY part of the episode I enjoyed were the Bulk/Spike scenes. Everything else was total crap. Thanks Power Rangers Samurai. Thanks a lot.

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    Resident Bada$$ Princess SapphireBuster's Avatar
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    Aug 2009
    New York
    This is probably the best (thus far) episode of Samurai to date. Even if it was pretty much Shinken shot-for-shot, it was one of those rare instances where it worked. 4/5 for me.

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    A Blaze is on the horizon DarkBlaze's Avatar
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    Aug 2007
    Tracy, CA
    Fantastic episode! Probably the best so far, but there's some good plots coming up now that Decker has arrived.

    It was nice to finally see the Rangers share a scene with Bulk and Spike, even if it was only a few seconds. I sense some foreshadow, and that will eventually lead Bulk and Spike to suspect they're Rangers.

    The fight scenes were nice (albeit, consisting mostly Sentai footage), but the background music set the mood.

    Who was Mentor talking to on the phone in the opening scene?

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    Maybe Mentor had someone monitoring the other weddings. If that was the case, then they should've been at that wedding rather than staging their own.

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    A Blaze is on the horizon DarkBlaze's Avatar
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    Aug 2007
    Tracy, CA
    That would've made sense (assuming that was the case). Or perhaps his phone is connected to the Gap Sensor, and it alerts via computerized voice?

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    Quote Originally Posted by DarkBlaze View Post

    Who was Mentor talking to on the phone in the opening scene?
    The rangers and Ji must be working with another person. Remember last week when Kevin had a driver?

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