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Thread: Power Rangers Samurai "The Blue And The Gold" Episode

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    Power Rangers Samurai
    Episode 13: The Blue And The Gold
    May 14, 2011

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    Do not ask about full episodes in this thread. The episode is in the Samurai Encode Thread.



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    Here's my live post during the episode:

    Antonio introduces the Claw Zord

    Electronic Symbol Power - NICE!

    Kevin is not a fan of Antonio

    Dayu finds Deker and talks about their past.

    Antonio stalks Kevin with his new Samurai Cam

    Octoroo - The brains behind Master Xandred

    Master Xandred finally acts like a boss

    Dayu and Deker's flashback scene - interesting.

    Unmorphed fight...brief but still cool.

    8:01 - enough waiting! Kevin must be very punctual.

    Blue and Gold insta-morph!

    Nice usage of the Samurai instrumental music during the fight

    Spike and Sammy reunite!
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    And for my live post:

    -The more I watch, the more I'm convinced that PRS takes place in New Zealand, and that the Rangers moved there, except for Jayden and Antonio who were trained to lose their Kiwi Accents.
    - Mentor seems real enthused to have Antonio now
    - Whoever said that it would be "Electronic Symbol Power", great call.
    - Kevin is a real butt wipe - And I think he has a superiority complex of Jocks being greater than Nerds
    - I like how they're incorporating Rita's theme as what Dayu is playing on her shamisen
    - Trail of Tears Express? I'm expecting backlash from the Native American community...
    - So Deker has been washed up on the shores of the Sanzu River ever since his confrontation with Xandred?
    - Well, Bulk and Spike are somewhat involved, so far.
    - Octoroo's face just really pisses me off...
    - Puns aren't too bad, just need less dialogue during fights.
    - Ok, make up your mind... either Octoroo's mouth moves or it doesn't.
    - Not a bad second round
    - I liked Octoroo's line about Antberry getting his butt kickec by Red Ranger
    - Zord fight was pretty good
    - Wait... so do they have secret identities, or not? Why couldn't they just morph and return the toys?
    - Ok, so overall, Bulk and Spike's scenes were almost worthless. At least they weren't pointless.

    Overall, I liked it. I rated it good.
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    Ex Mister YellowFour YellowAccel's Avatar
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    Tie between ok and good so ok + lol


    -Octoroo is awesome in this episode. For once a villain do something.
    -I still love Antonio. I like the camera idea and the scene Kevin/Antonio in the forest.
    -I like the fight scene
    -Deker & Dayu's realtion is interisting


    -I found octoroo's plan stupid. Why Only Child? It's not only children who fullfill the SanzuRiver. The idea is good but some details are Odd. Anf why he stole Spike's mascot in this case?
    -Wow Kevin prove another time that he is bi-polar. He smile and one second after he is angry against Antonio. Moreover he don't give any explication. If he really think he isn't a Samurai why he want Antonio in the team?. It seems he's just served him when he needed him and now that Antonio kick Nighlok's *** he may continue to despise him.In the latest episodes he changes his mind 5 times at least.
    -Since when Xandred think Octoroo is an idiot?
    -Octoroo's new suit is just awful!

    Overdrive 92 your pop quizz is hilarious!
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    Quote Originally Posted by shielded117 View Post
    - Whoever said that it would be "Electronic Symbol Power", great call.
    Well wasn't Genta's power called Electronic Mojikara? Since regular Mojikara is called Symbol Power, Electronic Symbol Power is a direct translation. Not at all surprising.
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    They are trying to force and remake the Tommy/Jason friendship/rivalry with Kevin and Antonio. Speaking of Antonio why the hell, do they have him dressing like Trent? Actually he looks like he could be Trent only 5-10 years younger.
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    AntoniA? Has he had a sex change?

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    Another good episode. The whole toy storyline was kind of stupid but everything else was pretty good, especially Antonio stalking Kevin. For whatever reason the acting seemed much better today. The bulk and spike scenes were simple but good. It was also good that they started building back up again on the Deker thing. Overall, 4/5.

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    ^^^oppps...nope this isn't doctor who

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    Antberry is voiced by Barnie Duncan

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