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Thread: Power Rangers Super Samurai "Super Samurai" Episode

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    #GiantsPride O.92's Avatar
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    The Samurai Rangers are back, and this time, they're SOOPER Samurai! Check out the brand new trailer below, it just debuted earlier today!

    Power Rangers Super Samurai
    Episode 1: Super Samurai
    February 18, 2012

    Images | Movie Clips

    Do not ask about full episodes in this thread. The encode will be posted in the Encodes Thread.
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    Live post during the episode...

    * Same opening scene as Season 1
    * Rangers training with their weapons...nice
    * Emily and Mike hanging out
    * AWESOME Opening Theme!
    * Sanzu River...dramatic start to the episode
    * Original footage vs the Moogers
    * Great music and cinematography before Arachinator fight
    * The Rangers are unable to morph
    * Unmorphed fight..very nice
    * Gold Ranger delivers the Black Box
    * Super Samurai Mode!
    * Great usage of the Sentai fight
    * Super Mega Mode!
    * Claw Armor Megazord
    * Decent end scene
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    Ex Mister YellowFour YellowAccel's Avatar
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    You mean Emily and Mike no?Or Britanny and Hector

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    Megaforce GO! PR Lover's Avatar
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    Feb 2011
    Nice new opening theme. Mentor fighting a Mooger in it, means maybe he wont be completely useless
    Sanzu Water seeping through, very nice.
    Nice Mia and Kevin training
    Emily rollerblading and not falling, or being clumsy. Wow
    Arachnitor is Back!
    lol nice Antonio scene with Mentor
    Antonio's still having issues with the Black Box.
    Decent plan they came up with, but yet again Octaroo is always one step ahead
    Black Box finished, nice new stuff

    I give this episode a rate of Good. Amazing American footage, but it feels rushed, especially with the Claw Armor Megazord and the Auxiallary Zrd cannon.
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    Way to go Mia, you knocked down an immobile target, you're REALLY improving there.
    Also Emily and Mike...being extreme? And then they cut to the opening? What the hell happened there?
    The intro is pretty cool looking though, they just HAD to keep the role call though..
    Also random slow down and speed up shots in the episode, and it's not being used well.
    Ok Antonio brushing of Ji cause he's fishing was pretty funny, I like the scene of Antonio working on the black box too. Although we'll know he gets it to work from all the freaking power ups in the opening, I gotta wonder what's the point of having him still work on it when it seemed like he got it completed on the last scene of last season.
    Unmorphed fight, sweet.
    So far no sign of American Octoroo ye-OH damn it there he is..
    So with the black box the zords can fully combine now, sweet!
    And the artillery zords make a cannon, sweet. DON'T know what a cannon does? Really?
    Antonio your tentacle joke wasn't funny, shut up.
    Overall this episode was mediocre at most, I wasn't expecting anything more from it and I guess Super Samurai lived up to that.
    And already we don't get a real preview of the next episode. Wow.
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    Najee's acting still bugs me, but putting that aside I thought this was a really good episode. I thought the story was pretty good and I liked the pacing. It wasn't nearly as rushed as I thought it would be. As always, the action was pretty good. Again, my one downside is Najee's acting. Nothing he says sounds natural to me. But other than that this was an "awesome" episode. Hopefully super samurai keeps this up.

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    what happend to Spike&Bulk

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    Forbidden Destiny Barracuda's Avatar
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    This episode was alright. I don't necessarily think the episode was rushed but the ending was. The acting is still pretty bland but this is only the 1st episode of SS. So I wont judge just yet.

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    I think the episode was good. They bridged the original footage well with the Shinkenger scene that they left out from the first season. I also noticed that Emily and Mike seem to have something going on...finally. Anyway, this episode was good and the unmorphed fight scene was actually very good. This episode wasn't perfect, but it's a good start for Super Samurai.

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    After Emily covers the Sanzu River water, am I the only one who noticed Bulk and Spike sneaking off in the background?

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