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Thread: Power Rangers Super Samurai "The Bullzord" Episode

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    Great pic of all 5 in shogun mode. I never suspected Antonio would go Shogun, especially after the Grand Shogun said it dealt with the power of their ancestors.

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    I voted good:


    -Nice balance between Shinkenger and american footage
    -I like the morph sequence for the shogun mode
    -I'm glad they give a shogun mode to everyone, just hope it's not just for the morph sequence since Jayden was the only one who really use it.
    -I love the unmorphed fight
    -Hey for one Mia had more than one line.
    -It was cool to see a flashmorph from Super Samurai Mode to Super MegaMode.
    -I love how the old cockpit become like the regular cockpit...too bad it's the same as always.
    -The Bullzord is pretty cool.
    -Shinkenger fight were epic as always
    -Cody's actor was pretty good.
    -I like Grand Shogun voice. It remind me Zordon's voice
    -I was affrait that they introduce the shgun spear before the bullzooka but no.

    -Don't really like the monster
    -Too bad the shogun mode is just another cockpit exclusive
    -It's sad that the Kids is a better actor than Najee/Emily and Erika
    -I'm sad that Antonio have no Battlizer...Maybe he'll find a way to create his own battlizer later who know.

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    Serrator and Nighlok monster watchs Cody
    Cody show up the Disk to the Samurai Rangers
    300 years ago...three time already(Rita Repulsa,Koragg and now Samurai)
    The Reveals of the Bull Zord and Grand Shogun
    Cody use the Symbol Power
    Bull Zord awakens
    Samurai Rangers Flash morph
    Giant Moogers try to cacth the Bullzord
    Bullzord vs Samurai and Clawzords
    Bullzord defeated Samurai and Clawbattle zord
    Bullzord goes away
    Master Xandred is please with Serrator plan but play in is bounds
    Folding Zord returns to the rangers
    Cody Father gives to the Rangers the real Bull Disk
    Un-mophed fights
    Fighting in Bull Cave
    Red Samurai gives the Original Disk to Cody
    Cody controls the Bullzord
    Symbol Power to teleport to home...that serious
    The Grand Shogun Hologram
    Bull Megazord(Great theme played in the background)
    Shogun Mode
    Cody wants continues to help the Samurai Rangers

    The Story about the "Bullzord" episode it as really good was cool they merged to Shinkenger acts in one Super Samurai episode well the battles scenes are good and the translated scene as well, i was expect they really could made this storyarc at least a Mult-Parter for give more spot to the Kid and more abouot the Grand Shogun and the Ancestors and looks like maybe in Samurai Gigazord could happans all the Samurai Rangers use the Shogun Armor,Bullzord reminds me the Touro Zord of LG and the Triassic Rover in DT bu could by a mix of both an looks like Serrator starts is plans and others thing i notace in some parts of the Shinkenger footage i think were scenes of Juzo(Deker)will goes to returns in Shinkenger.

    Great episode of Super Samurai.

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    poor Antonio...he's not getting enough love from the show.

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    havnt seen it yet looking forward to the battlizer

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    I hope they work out a way for Antonio to use the thing, especially since the upcoming toy of his looks so blinkin awesome.

    Actually wait! Here's a few thoughts:

    1. He can use the black box to jump from Mega Mode to Super Mega Mode and activate the Shogun Mode from there.

    2. He could use the Shark Disc to enter Shark Attack Mode, and then Shark Attack Mega Mode, and activate the Shogun from there, since it has the same belt.

    I'm sure the Ancestors would find him a worthy warrior, especially since he got four of the zords operational.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fury Diamond View Post
    I was thinking the same thing, especially the Megazord mode. I prefer the Torozord design from Lost Galaxy but the Bull Megazord design from Samurai.

    What did you guys think about the Shogun Mode?
    The Shogun Mode is really cool, Bull Megazord design reminds the Torozord of Lost Galaxy but is much close to the Triassic Rover of the Dino Thunder.

    The Picture with all Shogun Mode is great.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vivek's Girl View Post
    poor Antonio...he's not getting enough love from the show.
    I agree. He's out of battles for being weak, kidnapped, scared of fish, etc. I mean, i do know that's because of the way Shinkenger went (and in some cases lack of Gold Ranger footage as the Gold Ranger hadn't arrived yet) but still. He's one of the weaker sixth rangers in my opinion. It'd be cool to see if he could create a way for him to get this power up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Overdrive.92 View Post
    Yeah, Cody's acting wasn't really the problem. It was more-so just his character that I didn't like. He was just incredibly annoying, him and his non-stop mind-commentary. I think I would have passed out if he said "Why don't you listen to me!?" one more time.
    He wasn't anywhere near as annoying as that "Hey Lady" kid from Dinothunder.

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    So we've got Shougn Samurai Rangers now... Nice!

    Although it was a rushed episode, it kind of sets up for the rest of the season to be somewhat different than Shinkenger.

    Also, Deker and Dayu were cut out of the episode. This probably hints yet another original development in the series.

    Just because of these facts, I voted awesome.

    But this could easily be a 2-parter.

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