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Thread: Power Rangers Super Samurai "He Ain't Heavy Metal, He's My Brother" Episode

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    Power Rangers Super Samurai
    Episode 7: He Ain't Heavy Metal, He's My Brother
    March 31, 2012

    Mia's brother visits and asks her to sing in his band. Meanwhile, Serrator invades the city again.

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    Live post during the episode...
    * The Rangers meet Terry
    * Terry knows that Mia can't cook
    * Terry wants Mia to sing
    * Mia is surprised that Terry is in house...Antonio is excited!
    * Antonio joins Terry's band
    * Bulk and Spike make music
    * Antonio jams with Terry's band
    * Bulk and Spike hire bodyguards from a biker bar
    * Mia's past
    * Spike tries to invite Mia
    * Super Samurai Pink!
    * Three Megazords vs Papyrux
    * Kevin shows off his dance moves
    * Bulk and Spike's Rap
    * Antonio performs on stage
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    I was pretty disappointed with last weeks rushed episode but they definitely made up for it this week. Today's episode was entertaining and had some genuinely funny moments with Bulk and Spike. I also loved the music portion of this episode. I don't know if that was really Steven Skyler's voice or not but if it was then the guy can really sing. Overall, "awesome" episode.

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    PowerScoop - @nightmere10 nightmere10's Avatar
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    Mar 2011
    Keep in mind that this was typed as I watched the episode.

    Oh my god, Terry is actually pretty cute. Anyone else notice that the openings nowadays are based around Mike. I’m getting tired of all of the “Mia can’t cook” jokes. Huh. I didn’t peg him to have an accent. Emily’s lines are still bothering me. That was a ice transition though. Oh my GOD! That’s too many school puns! Ok, so Kevin and Mia BOTH went to get groceries, but only KEVIN got back in time? How does that make sense.

    Mia could’ve delivered those lines better. I loved her facial expressions when Antonio got excited about meeting Mia’s brother though. Terry and Mia actually kinda look alike. I’m still loving Antonio’s fish shaped guitar. And I’m REALLY tired of the Gold puns as well.

    At least we finally have another Bulk and Spike scene. The parts where Felix doesn’t talk in a nasally voice, I like better. Ok, I cracked up during the music scene. I loved the techno “no pocket for my pants” part. That was really good. I can already tell, I’m going to have this song stuck in my head all day.

    Finally!! At least we get a little bit of interaction with Bulk, Spike, and a Ranger. It was short, but I hope can see more of this later. I wonder if they’ll bring up Spike’s crush on the Pink Ranger again. I did like that instantaneous morph though.

    [Second commercial break thoughts: So far, this episode is lackluster for me. It’s not that great. It just keeps jumping back and forth between plots and it’s not done in a really smooth way.]

    Serrator is a great villain. The person they choice to do the voice for him was great. Erika’s voice overs have gotten better as well. I’m glad they’re showing Mia’s fight against Serrator. I hope Mia goes into Shogun Mode as well. I’m so tired of hearing “Super” as well, but I doubt we’d get away from it. She could’ve done her voice overs for her “Super” attacks, better though. It just sounded really boring. Do they REALLY still have to explain everything they’re going to do?

    Antonio just needs to stop talking. His “Fight fire with fire” line really made me cringe. And, aw, I was hoping we’d get to see Mia go into Shogun Mode. There almost wasn’t a point for the fight. I loved the part where Mike was teaching Kevin how to dance. I loved the rap so much! That was awesome! And I love the song. It’s going to be stuck in my head for a LONG time!

    For a Mia focus episode, I wouldn’t say she’s grown as a character at all, really. She just acted like her mom. I mean, duh, she’s the “mother figure” of the group.

    I give this a 3.5/5
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    Ex Mister YellowFour YellowAccel's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by President Ranger View Post
    I was pretty disappointed with last weeks rushed episode but they definitely made up for it this week. Today's episode was entertaining and had some genuinely funny moments with Bulk and Spike. I also loved the music portion of this episode. I don't know if that was really Steven Skyler's voice or not but if it was then the guy can really sing. Overall, "awesome" episode.

    Yes it's his real voice. He is a singer you can found some songs on youtube and he prepare an album. But i'm not sure about Erika.

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    It was Steven Skyler voice, And the episode was really good and like the music portions and also the Techno song from Spike , Mia voice singing sounds like it was fixed so she can have a good singing voice

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    more of a SentaiFan52 RangerFan52's Avatar
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    Oct 2010
    A decent episode, with a moral of sorts, funny moments, and some good singing.

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    Aug 2011
    Reading Pa
    Wow. That actually didn't suck. It took the Sentai episode and made changes that mattered to our characters and wasn't a total translation. Good on you, Super Samurai.
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    Big Words my *censor* Huzzah's Avatar
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    Apr 2009
    Spike actually spoke with a Ranger in human form no less...bout time there was some form of interaction...hopefully it won't be a one time event...I wouldn't mind knowing that Bulk and Spike actually exist in the same world as the Rangers...

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    New York Chips & Salsa O.92's Avatar
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    New Jersey
    This was actually a pretty good episode. Probably the best one yet since 'Deal With A Nighlok' from over a year ago.

    --Terry instantly gets my approval by taking some well-deserved cheap shots at Ji. Although his accent was very hard to understand at times.
    --Mia-Spike shipping begins. But just remember when they actually get together at the end of the season, I called it long ago.
    --Bulk & Spike doing what appeared to be a spinoff of Daft Punk was actually pretty funny.
    --Serrator got the middle finger today. What a weak imbecile he looked like. Him & his "last chance scheme" got pulverized by Mia in a matter of seconds.

    This was no doubt one of Samurai's better episodes, and definitely one of its Top 3 episodes so far. Mia actually seemed like a normal person today, and not just some robotic alien who's only programmed to be the host of bad cooking jokes. It also showed us that the Rangers do indeed have lives outside of their Ranger duties: Mia's backstory, Antonio's secret passion for performing, etc. And that's what these Rangers needed more of: more personality, more things so they can become relatable. But one episode won't cut it. This is what Samurai needed more of all season long, and it's one reason why today's episode was pretty good.

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