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    Here is a fan interview with Jaever Santos. Jaever is known as Terry in Power Rangers: Super Samurai "He Ain't Heavy Metal, He's My Brother" episode. We would like to thank Jaever for taking the time to answer these questions.

    Jaever's Official Youtube

    Fun Facts

    Fav food(s):
    As a Filipino kid, my favourite foods would have to be whatever my mother cooks.

    Fav drink(s):
    Since they don’t have it as much in New Zealand, I love cherry cola!

    Fav song(s):
    My musical taste is a bit…strange. It ranges from K-pop to Classical, but I would have to say that my favourite song would be the ‘Hebrides’ Overture by Mendelssohn. (Bank geek, I know)

    Fav movie(s):
    In general I enjoy watching scary movies. Not for the movies themselves, but just because I like the atmosphere when I watch with friends. Also I really enjoyed Cloverfield, which many people didn’t seem to like.

    Fav book(s):
    Harry Potter books! And Chinese Cinderella is a really good book too, it’s a really touching/sad true story (kind of like an auto-biography?).

    Fav show(s):
    I haven’t really been into watching TV in recent years, to be honest. But, I think I am in love with the BBC Sherlock Holmes series!

    Fav place in the world:
    As strange as it may seem, I really loved Ljubljana which is the capital of Slovenia.

    Power Rangers Questions:
    Q: How did you hear about the Power Rangers role?
    A: The talent agency that I’m a part of told me about it. I really didn’t think I had a chance, but I went ahead anyway.

    Q: Did you audition for any other roles?
    A: Actually no. The only role they were auditioning for at the time was for Terry.

    Q: What was it like working with Steven Skyler and Erika Fong?
    A: Amazing! They are the most amazing and friendly people ever. Coming in to Power Rangers and their cast of American actors, to them I would have just been some random kid from New Zealand.
    Steven Skyler is a such great guy with a really great voice. And Erika Fong is just as nice as a real big sister, if not more!

    Q: Do you still keep in touch with any cast members?
    A: Sadly no. We didn’t really swap contact details or anything, though I should have at least asked. After filming ended last year they all headed back to America so they weren’t around for very long after.

    Q: How would you compare yourself with your character?
    A: Well I’m definitely not a med-student – I’m nowhere near smart enough to be one. I reckon one of the biggest things about Terry is his dedication to his studies and also towards his music. He’s got this family pressure on the academic side, as you might remember his argument with Mia – ‘you’re just like Mom and Dad!’ But I find that’s quite similar to me, since I’m studying in university. I also have a big passion for music, though I play the violin and the viola, so classical music is a big part of me as well. Getting through university while keeping up the dedication to both sides is a challenge to me as I’m sure it is for Terry.

    Q: What was the most challenging part on the episode?
    A: That would have to be my first day of filming. We were doing the scene where I first enter the Shiba house and tell everyone about the gig. It was pretty much like ‘prepare your lines, get dressed, get your make up done, and go!’ And it included a lot of prop-work and multitasking which I felt really got the better of me in such a big scene.

    Q: If you could perform in another episode, would you?
    A: Absolutely! I loved doing it once, and would love to do it again for sure.

    Q: Did you watch Power Rangers before getting the gig?
    A: Not really, especially since I’m not really into watching TV these days. I maybe watched a season or two growing up, but not in recent years.

    Q: Have you seen your episode? If so, what are your thoughts?
    A: Yes I have! You know that feeling when you hear your voice on a recording and you can’t stand it? Yeah it was like that, but ten times worse. I remember sitting in my room watching, and the whole time I was just like CRINGE. Also, about my accent: I tried to get rid of it! Though it doesn’t seem like it at all. It was hard for me to balance the rest of the acting while thinking about the accent as well, so I need to work a lot harder at that in future. At first I thought that anything with me in it could not possibly be presentable for TV, but I did really enjoy watching it, and I thought it came together really well.

    Q: Did you really sing for the episode?
    A: To be honest, no I didn’t. I wasn’t supposed to be on the track at all, I think. But while filming, I may have indulged in a bit of singing while my microphone was off.

    Q: What did you think of the song?
    A: While other people my age might think it’s weird for me to like the song, I really really like it! Even though it might sound like it’s for younger people, I really enjoyed it. While watching the episode, listening to the song really brought me back to the filming and reminded me of how much of a good time I had.

    Q: Last words?
    A: A really huge thank you to everyone who watched the episode, whether you liked it or not, and whether you liked me or not too. Thank you to anyone who took interest in me as well – I didn’t think people would even care especially after just one episode. Last but not least, thank you to everyone at Samurai Cast and Rangercrew! Hopefully see you all again soon in something else in the future!
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    Jaever's really handsome and chill xp :] Why does he vaguely remind me of Glee's Harry Shum Jr (Mike Chang) tho? haha
    Good luck on your future aspirations.
    Good for him and nice to see another Filipino on Power Rangers & playing Mia's sibling? lol nice. Sweet ep. If he's lucky, he should be called to be a future ranger!

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