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Thread: Power Rangers Super Samurai "Runaway Spike" Episode

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    New York Chips & Salsa O.92's Avatar
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    Power Rangers Super Samurai
    Episode 9: Runaway Spike
    April 14, 2012

    The Rangers battle a Nighlok that creates mirror images confusing them; Spike looks for a job to help Uncle Bulk.

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    Live post during the episode...
    * Xandred misses Dayu
    * Bulk and Spike's Training
    * Bulk's rent is overdue
    * New opening theme with Deker
    * Deker and Dayu
    * Breakfast Time
    * Spike the Gardener
    * Spike the Valet
    * Rangers vs Duplicator
    * Secret word of the Day: COOL
    * Great scene with Mia and Spike
    * Sweet Ranger Roll Call!
    * Round 2
    * Super Samurai Pink Ranger...this would've been a great opportunity for Super Samurai Gold!
    * Shogun Pink Ranger!
    * Another Mia and Spike moment
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    We never got Skull, did we?

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    Galactic Tide! Energize! shielded117's Avatar
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    Nope, no Skull.

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    deker is great would b great if in the last few eps he turned good and activated his growl phone aha

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    Newbie bakoy8's Avatar
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    A great place!
    I loved this episode! Especially cuz it was about Mia, my fav character! Shogun mode wuz awesome too! AHH! I wasn't too excited about this episode, but now I absolutely love it!

    -How Spike was trying to help Bulk with the rent (Aww...)
    -Mia's cooking everyone just leaves
    -When Spike looks for a job. Too funny.
    -There were actually pretty short commercials this time
    -That Nighlok has cool powers
    -I loved it when Mia helped Spike! If Mia doesn't end up with Jayden, I'm rooting for Spikia!
    -The Night Fight was so epic
    -Pink Shogun mode! AWESOME! THANK YOU! Finally Jayden's not the only one...
    -Mia got to form into black box mode twice! AHH! YAY!
    -The ending scene was adorable! NEVER GIVE UP!
    -Antonio and the boot

    -I don't know...Jayden was...pretty useless today...

    ~This episode was downright "A" for Awesome! Mia is my favorite character and I love how she's getting more episodes nowadays! I don't know how much longer Spike and Bulk can keep fishing...but it looks like Mia is looking out for them! RANGERS TOGETHER, SAMURAI FOREVER!

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    Newbie bakoy8's Avatar
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    Oct 2011
    A great place!
    P.S. Nice Ranger roll call

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    New York Chips & Salsa O.92's Avatar
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    I'm led to believe this is the 80% Bulk & Spike episode Paulie was referring to. I wasn't really 80% (more like 50%), but I can't imagine getting ANOTHER episode heavily focused on the two of them.

    --That Nighlok looks so badass, yet he runs around yelling "I'm cool! You're not!". Wow, way to go Samurai. Always finding a way to stoop to new lows.
    --It looks like they were reusing footage early on. Did anyone else notice that Antonio shows up for the fight literally out of nowhere?
    --Looks like Deker's endless sword masturbating is back.
    --Before anyone says anything, Shogun Mode doesn't count as a Battlizer. Mia isn't the first female to use a Battlizer.

    The episode was very 'meh'. It draws no type of reaction from me. It does nothing overly shameworthy (other than the Nighlok saying 'cool' well over 50 times) and nothing impressive. It's very...Samurai.

    No Skull either. I'm beginning to doubt JDF's comments that he's actually going to make a cameo. This was the episode to do it, and they passed on it. There's 13 episodes left, but I won't be surprised if Skull never shows his face to us.

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    Tyrannosaurus! Digifiend's Avatar
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    So much for Dr Narvy's cameo...

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    Pink Ranger Shogun Mode

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