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Thread: Power Rangers Super Samurai "A Sticky Situation" Episode

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    Cuz Peggy Owns. Miss CD's Avatar
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    Power Rangers Super Samurai
    Episode 11: A Sticky Situation
    April 28, 2012

    A Nighlok glues Kevin and Mike's hands together, forcing them to work as a team and acknowledge both their strengths and weaknesses.

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    Do not ask about full episodes in this thread. The encode is already posted in the Encodes Thread.
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    Live post during the episode...
    * Mike and Kevin training
    * Rangers vs Epoxor
    * Blue and Green Rangers are stuck together
    * Octoroo has a plan
    * Bulk and Spike are glued
    * Jayden tries to split the Rangers
    * Mike and Kevin train "together"
    * Mike and Kevin dancing in the city
    * Kevin pushes Mike in a shopping cart
    * Kevin needs to use the restroom
    * Rangers in a sticky situation
    * Mike and Kevin morph together
    * Green and Blue Rangers fight dance
    * Gold and Red Rangers take over the zord fight
    * Red Shogun Mode = LAME! No love for the Green and Blue Rangers.
    * Serrator hires Deker = the ONLY good scene in this episode

    Written by: Seth Walther
    Directed by: Peter Salmon
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    Newbie bakoy8's Avatar
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    Oct 2011
    A great place!
    This was a really creative/interesting episode. Aw, Mike is soooooooooooo hot! i love him even more now!

    -The apple thing in the beginning. So cute
    -The Nighlok was pretty epic
    -When Mike and Kevin's hands got glued together. WOW.
    -When they training against Mia and she hit Mike in the butt. LOL
    -Whenever they attempted to do stuff.
    -Cart pushing
    -Bathroom scene. HAHAHAHA
    -The fight scene with them two in sync. So cool!
    -The ending scene. Really awesome and funny!

    -Megamode battle. Where were Mia and Em?
    -Jayden goes into Shogun Mode. AGAIN?!?!
    -Bulk and Spike scene was totally useless
    -The Deker and Dayu scene at the VERY end. I just didn't get it.

    ~This episode was very amusing to me. I enjoyed it very much and I laughed a lot. Mike is really somethin! Like a boss!!!

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    New York Chips & Salsa O.92's Avatar
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    New Jersey
    I wonder if the Samurai translators ever get tired of pulling the same jokes.

    --"This episode is about things getting how about Bulk & Spike get glued!?" - Samurai writers at full creativity.
    --Speaking of, how did Bulk & Spike's glue warp from Spike's shoulder, to...everywhere.
    --Epoxor's plan to lure the Rangers into a trap by their feet was actually pretty smart. And yes, that's a compliment.
    --Not buying the finish. Kevin & Mike go from epic failing all over the place, to suddenly kicking Nighlok ***. A transition would have been nice.
    --I still can't believe this Dayu-Deker-Serrator plot. Serrator talks about betraying them right to their faces, and Dayu still cares only about her guitar. Wow.

    I didn't expect much from this episode since the plot was completely idiotic, but hey, at least it's another episode down on the road to finally ending Samurai. This episode was somewhere between bad and mediocre, and yes, for Samurai, that's a compliment.

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    Mark Wright did the voice of Epoxar
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    Newbie bakoy8's Avatar
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    A great place!
    Quote Originally Posted by O.92
    Ok dude, chillax. This show is for fun. I enjoy Power Rangers and it's my life! Nobody's making you watch it, so if you're going to keep talkin smack about it, stop watching it. I think it would help us PRS fans more than it would help YOU.
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    ^ This is a discussion forum where fans are able to express their opinions.

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    Didn't really feel this one. Epoxor was an awesome MOTW just for his personality, but this one just felt like it was using up an episode. Nothing new was learned, and outside of the Serrator scene at the end, nothing was advanced.

    Calling it 3/5, because while it didn't exactly wow me, I didn't hate it, either.

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    ZZZZZZ alpona's Avatar
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    Jan 2012
    I haven't watched the episode yet but from the summery it seems no special changes are done from Shinkenger. still it would be a nice episode.

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    Mia- Pink Super Samurai Samurai Pink's Avatar
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    Feb 2008
    Des Moines, Iowa (A PR Dino Charge/Dino Super Charge fan )
    I don't get why Samurai red used the shogun buckle again. It would've been nice to see blue or green using the shogun mode. Blue and Green's battle against the nighlok was cool. The red, pink, yellow and gold rangers being stuck was hilarious. Once again I voted this episode awesome. What can I say, I just love watching every episode.

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