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Thread: Tim, Ted, and Tommy DiFilippo

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    Q = Fan’s question
    A = Tim, Ted, and Tommy DiFilippo's Answer

    Last Updated: August 25, 2012

    Submit Questions Thread

    Fun Facts
    Fav food(s): Seafood, lobster, alaskian king crab legs, snails etc...everything shellfish; ice-cream
    Fav drink(s): Tommy diet coke; Tim and Ted coke & Gatorade
    Fav song(s): Frank Sinatra, "my way"
    Fav movie(s): Gladiator, Braveheart, the epics
    Fav book(s): ben hogan's fundamentals of golf, dr. wayne dyer, "the shift", Eckhart Tolle, "The power of now"
    Fav show(s): Anger Management, Breaking Bad, Fallin Skies,
    Fav place in the world? Italy, we're 3/4 sicilian italian

    Power Rangers Questions
    Q: How did you hear about the Power Rangers role?
    One of our agents was best friends with Shuki

    Q: Did you audition for any other roles?
    A: No

    Q: Which cast member were you closest with?
    A: Austin St. John

    Q: Do you still keep in touch with any cast members?
    A: Not until the morphicon...we are now in contact with Steve Cardenas. We saw Nakia and Catherine at Morphicon. We plan on doing some other conventions expos with them all.

    Q: How would you compare yourself with your character?
    A: It was written for us. The dialgue is who we are.

    Q: Which episode was your favorite?
    A: Revelations of Gold

    Q: What was the most challenging part on the show?
    A: Tim, Trey of heart, not drowning in our crash scene when Tommy pulls him out of the ocean.

    Q: If you could return to PR, would you?
    A: Yes, we love our characters!

    General Questions
    Q: Which of your roles was your favorite?
    A: Power Rangers Zeo - when we morph from one into 3

    Q: What are your favorite hobbies?
    A: Golf, ping-pong, pool, and baseball

    Q: When did you decide to become an actor?
    A: 1995 after shooting Leeza Gibbons talk show

    Q: What advice do you have for other inspiring actors?
    A: Stick with it...treat it like a business

    Q: Who are the inspirations in your life?
    A: Al Pacino, Robert De Niro, Martin Scorsese, Steven Spielberg

    Q: What are you currently working on?
    A: golf, tv show and continuing our Trey characters in either tv or film

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    Q: What was it like being the Gold Ranger? And how do you think Austin St. John did as you're replacement?
    A: We loved being the gold ranger! We worked with Shuki creating the story line of our character. We were supposed to do 30 episodes for the power rangers, then their movie, Tommy, trey of wisdom, was going to have a love interest and then our Triforian ranger show. When we got to negotiations it didn't work out. Everything happens the way it is suppose to. We were so glad to give our powers temporarily to Austin St. John. He's awesome!

    Q: Were any of you in the actual Gold Ranger suit at any point while Trey had the powers? If yes, which one was in the suit for "Countdown to Destruction"?
    A: Yes...Tommy, trey of wisdom, was the one that was in the gold ranger suit. As the episodes were to unfold, we would have taken turns wearing the suit. Unfortunately, during the shooting of the "Countdown to Destruction" my bros I were shooting Major League III back to the Minors...Tommy and I just watched the "Countdown to Destruction" a few days ago...what an awesome finale!

    Q: What were the best moments in your time as the Gold Ranger? What were your thoughts on the season itself?
    A: We loved all our moments as the gold ranger...from our Trey costumes and characters to our golden staff and ship and weapons we gave the power rangers. We wished we could have continued our characters so our fans would learn more about us. Our trey characters were written according to our personalities. We have 3 distinct personalities and they would have been explained and portrayed in detail over the 30 power ranger episodes and the movie ready to flourish during our Triforian Ranger show. We thought the zeo season was good. Most of our fans we met at the Morphicon shared with us that they wanted to see more of our characters during the zeo season. Maybe now we can continue those characters for our fans!

    Q: How was your first Power Morphicon experience?
    A: Awesome! We were really surprised at the response we received. Joseph James Quinn, one of our fans found us on Facebook 6 months ago and asked us if we would attend the Morphicon. We were preparing to reenter the business in the golf world. We love our fans! We didn't know they had these kinds of events. 15 years ago there weren't any. We were so inspired by the Morphicon, we decided to attend more expos across the country to meet some more our fans in person.

    Q: How do you imagine the Treyforian diet to be? Triple the calorie intake? What kind of food would be on Treyforia?
    A: A Healthy diet...every 2 hours..triple calorie intake and triforian coffee with 3 times the kick. Healthy food produced from our planet!

    Q: What was the audition process like?
    A: It is tough for us in the industry because we are identical triplets. We are 1 in 200 million births. You have a better shot at hitting the lottery or being struck by lightening 3 times! All of our work we get is from meeting development people in the business. There are no additions for us. We were really blessed with the power rangers. One of our agents was best friends with Shuki. He brought us right to Shuki's house. And the rest was history.

    Q: Did you guys ever audition against each other for a role? And if you did and only one of you landed the role, how did you handle it?
    A: don't audition against each other often...we most of the time market the 3 of us...we love working together...if it was twins roles...and we were not booked...whoever wanted to do it our business we share everything...split it 3 ways...if the other 2 are's all the same...we are very competitive with each's why we love golf so much...we were really blessed in the business 15 years ago...after the power rangers...we did a lot of stuff in 5 years...we didn't work separately too often...Ted and Tim did "singled out" on MTV with Jenny M...Tommy was married at the time so he was glad it was just a twin job. I can see how it could be difficult if you are competing against each other in the business.

    Q: So is that why Earthlings are addicted to coffee? Because of the trading we did with Triforia?
    A: It's Triforian coffee different than earthly us sustained strength!

    Q: If you join Twitter, will you be doing it individually or under one collective account?
    A: Yeah...Umesh is going to help us with that. We'll probably start with one individual account and later we'll split into 3...just like with the power rangers!

    Q: Were each of you pleased with being hired as a trio, or do you prefer to work apart from your brothers?
    A: We love working together. We market the 3 of us in everything that we do.

    Q: Did you guys know while filming that they wouldn't end up using your voices? Did you know the role would be brief, or were you hoping for a longer stay as Gold? How long did it take before you actually got to see the Gold Ranger form of the character you were collectively playing?
    A: Yes...after negotiations didn't work out, we knew our characters would be brief. We knew our characters were going to be brief before shooting. Therefore we knew they were going to use Brad Hawkins for our voice....he thought he was perfect for us...he sounds like us, and a lot of fans were hoping that he was going to be the gold ranger....we also loved Austin taking over our powers...he's a little bigger version of us....he's also a great guy. We never had the opportunity to meet Brad. It's funny, we didn't see our episodes until a month ago when we put our story line of our Trey character on Youtube. After the power rangers, we were blessed, a lot things in the business happened for us fast. Ted is married with 2 kids. His son, Dante is 7 years old and never knew Ted was the gold ranger. Dante now loves the new series on now.

    Q: How miserably cold was that beach where you filmed the Treys' first meeting with the Zeo teens?
    A: The ocean was freezing, it's why we draw straws to see who was going to freeze in the water. Tim lost and almost died. Tommy, Trey of wisdom is the one first meeting the Zeo teens.

    Q: Which actor or actress was coolest to you guys on-set?
    A: We had so much fun with the cast members. All of them were awesome, on and off the set. We probably spent the most time with Austin, our quad for the gold ranger. We re-connected with Steve, Nakia, Catherine, Skull and Bulk at the Morphicon. We look forwarding to spending some more time with them at some of the up coming expos and the Morphicon in 2014.

    Q: Did each of you get to pick which aspect of Trey you played? What decided who would be on-screen for unified Trey?
    A: Yes, Shuki got it. So he wrote our individual personalities into the show. It was in the dialogue. 3 distinct personalities. In real life,Tim, trey of heart, is the most passionate of the 3. He's all heart. Ted, trey of courage, is the shyest one of the 3. He's laid back, doesn't care attitude but the most courageous. Tommy, trey of wisdom, is the thinker of the 3. He's best when he has 2 or 3 girls going at the same time, the player of the 3. It's why he was going to have the love interest in the power ranger movie. Tommy, trey of wisdom, also played the unified Trey consistently. If we finished the 30 episodes for the power rangers, we would have taken turns being the unified Trey.

    Q: Is it possible for the three of you to hang out in public without somebody asking, "Hey, are you guys triplets?"
    A: No, it's part of being an identical triplet. 1 of 200 million births. Most people have never seen triplets before. It was really difficult growing up as a triplet. It's nightmares at times, we wouldn't wish it on our worst enemy, but then there are the special times, we call those the "good times". But growing up, not many good times. When we were born, we were born at a teaching hospital called "Woman & Infants" in Providence R.I. Our mama was having us naturally, no c-section and we were 16 pounds of baby, healthy. We were not delivered in a normal delivery room. There were 60+ doctors packed in from wall to wall. When we came out we had 120+ eyes balls staring at us. We were born into the spotlight. We were the novelty the gimmick everywhere we went no matter what we did. We just didn't fit in, we felt like we were from another planet. It's why Triforia makes so much sense for us! At 24 years old, we couldn't deal with it anymore. So, Ted and Tommy went there own way as twins. They moved to Florida and I moved to a different state in hopes we could have our own identities. As Fate would have it, 4 months later Leeza Gibbons talk show in California was looking for identical triplets and the rest is history. When we moved to California, we decided to look at it differently and really embrace our uniqueness.

    Q: Given that people are often stupid about twins and triplets, was it kind of annoying dealing with the "these guys are actually three parts of the same dude!" story, or was the idea novel enough to be entertaining? Or was it just another job?
    A: We started enjoying and marketing our uniqueness. We started using our uniqueness to entertain. We loved it. We did a triplet calendar in 1996 that we haven't released yet. We also created a triplet stand-up act around being a triplet and the questions people ask us. We performed all over California, at the "Laugh Factory", the "Comedy Store", the "Improv" and many others. We love making people laugh. We currently in the process of putting a comedy skit together with 2 members of our cast for our tv show.

    Q: Do you find any triplet roles in Hollywood that actually treat the characters as independent human beings rather than a superficial spectacle? Is it just kinda frustrating or really frustrating?
    A: No, not one! It's funny...and you understand, you're a dad of twins. The deal we had with Saban with our Trey characters touched on that and if we finished the 30 episodes, the movie and into the Triforian show, our fans would have seen that. Step by Step was also going to be a spin-off series but it got canceled. And Major League tested in 2800 theaters. HBO was working on a spin-off series of what real baseball players do, but they didn't advertise it right...counted on the first 2 and it didn't do the numbers that they wanted. Our tv show that we wrote for our fans is a situation based reality show. Really portraying our personalities differently, for what they really are. Reality is live clips of our golf careers happening and the situation based is the "Odd Couple with 3 times the kick. It's "Charlie Sheen", "Woody Allen" and "Oscar" from the Odd Couple, all looking alike, living together. It's real, natural, organic comedy that's never ending! It's what is it really like being an identical triplet. Although we look a lot alike, we couldn't be more different than each other. To answer your question, it's really, really, really frustrating!

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