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Thread: Our very first Red Ranger, Mark Dacascos!!

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    People who WORKED ON PR have said it was only a dub. People who have SEEN IT. Paulie and Tony have talked about "the dub." My stronger suspicion is that footage was shot for the alleged JETMAN adaptation that made it to a presentation stage.
    Having looked at the evidence presented by Soulspice and having watched The Galaxy Rangers Promo I've come to the conclusion that there was footage shot for a Bioman pilot. I'm gonna guess that Saban may have made two versions of this, one a dub only version and one using original footage. Paulie probably saw the dub only version.
    I would not say this is from a Jetman footage it looks too old the fashions look straight from the 80's especially Trini and The fact that Biorhythms are listed and Zack's is listed as green not black which would suggest that this is not from a Jetman pilot.

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    So after a year of research and talking to four of the 5 cast members, I confirm what I first said: the Galaxy Rangers pitch used civilian footage from Bio-Man pilot. So, not wrong.

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