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Thread: Recutting the original Power Ranger songs.....

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    Hello Fellow Rock Stars!

    So, after years of thinking/dreaming/pondering and distractions I finally started recutting some of the original Power Ranger songs.

    Hard to believe it's been almost 20 years since I originally did these songs.

    Let me get a few things clear up front. I'm not trying to reinvent the wheel here. Part of the fun for me on this project is using 2012 technology to remake the tracks using the same process I used from the beginning which goes like this…. I create my group of custom sounds to create the 'band'. I run a few tests, and when I like how they all sound together I start the track. First rhythm guitar to a click, then drums, then bass, then lead vocals, then harmonies, then guitar, piano etc. overdubs and I start to build up the sound. The last thing I'll record is lead guitar. I'm still thinking about who should do that as I don't want to ape the old solos or additional lead parts. I'd like that to be totally different than the original…..(or at least a far step away from the original). BTW - Might call in Bruce Watson for this. He did a lot of the later stuff with me. That could be interesting……

    Secondly I am restricted from what I can do….same as anyone else covering these songs. I can only create "my version" if the tracks if the original song(s) were released commercially on Cd or iTunes etc. If it was only used on TV, then no one can legally cover and release that song.

    Here is what I've done so far.

    MMPR Theme - All basic tracks and vocals.

    Fight - All basic tracks and vocals.

    5-4-1 - All basic tracks and vocals.

    We Need A Hero - All basic tracks and vocals.

    I Will Win - All basic tracks and vocals. (Still tweaking the new middle parts.)

    Mach 23 - (was never released so this one is off the list.)

    Combat - On the 'to do" list. Never know if it would go final until I get well into it.

    Hope For The World - On the 'to do" list.

    Cross My Line - On the 'to do" list.

    Silver Ranger - On the 'to do" list. - (was never released so this one is off the list.)

    Go Fly Win - On the 'to do" list. - (was never released so this one is off the list.)

    Perhaps a new version of "Lord Zedd'" theme would be fun……

    ADDING: Go Green Ranger & Unite. (8_28_12)

    So that is where I'm at. I'll put some clips up soon and kind of take you all through the process….okay?

    Oh! Almost forgot, I'm thinking of calling this "Power Rangers Redux" - Says it all don't you think?

    I also kind of love this: for the cover.

    Hope all of you are doing well.


    Update: 8_28_12

    So here: are a few samples.

    These are direct "board" mixes meaning they are reference only. Other than light compression, there is no eq's or other efxs at all. No levels have been tweaked.

    So if they sound rough.....well, they are. LOL! You're actually hearing exactly what I hear when I'm recording (tracking) the vocals.

    Just cut the basics on Combat. Leaving the studio until tonight. Will do the vocals late, when the phone doesn't ring, when email doesn't arrive, when the moon is high and bright.
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    "We Need a Hero" was great. It's always been my top favorite song you've done. This instantly put a smile on my face. Amazing job.

    Also, can't wait for "Hope for the World"

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    Love them so far, Ron!

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    Ron, thanks so much for posting this on RangerCrew!

    These are absolutely fantastic! Glad to hear you'll be releasing several versions!

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    Love the updated Versions

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    Mr. Wasserman, these are amazing. Awesome job, keep up the good work.

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    Thanks Ron for the update!

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    LOVING these, Mr. Wasserman! Thanks for sharing.

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    They all sound awesome! Can't wait to hear the finished products.

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    The songs sounds BEAUTIFUL *o*


    These songs MUST BE ON MEGAFORCE ___
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