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    Here is our interview with Cerina Vincent (Maya / Power Rangers Lost Galaxy). We would like to personally thank her for taking the time to answer some questions.

    Fun Facts:
    Fav food(s)? Anything Italian Spinach, chocolate, and a good grass fed burger and fries!
    Fav drink(s)? Wine, Gin Martinis, and black coffee (NOT in that order)
    Fav song(s)? Oh, too many to pick just one. Im in love with so many…
    Fav movie(s)? Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, The Shining, Beetle Juice, & yes, sorry… Grease. (I know every word)
    Fav book(s)? The Alchemist, Anything Deepak Chopra, and of course (shameless plug) my 3 (How to Eat Like a Hot Chick, How to Love Like a Hot Chick and Live Like a Hot Chick)
    Fav show(s)? #1 Favorite is David Lynch's Twin Peaks. And my guilty pleasures: The Voice, Dancing with the Stars, and Locked up Abroad.
    Fav place in the world? My bed. And Italy. I want to move there.

    Power Rangers Questions:
    How did you hear about the Power Rangers role?
    It was just another audition from my agent at the time

    Did you audition for any other roles?
    Nope, just Maya.

    Which cast member were you closest with?
    Archie and Reggie and I are still really close friends.

    Do you still keep in touch with any cast members?
    Yep! Archie, Reggie and Amy!

    How would you compare yourself with your character?
    We are both nurturing and sensitive and a little bit intuitive.

    Which episode was your favorite?
    Oh, I don't think i can choose! The first episode was awesome! But the one with the horses was fun, too. I got to learn to ride bareback!

    What was the most challenging part on the show?
    The hours. VERY early mornings. Hearing the alarm clock at 3am just isn't normal.

    What was a typical day on the set for you?
    An hour or more in hair and makeup. (WHY on earth did they make me where that extra hair?) The easier days were the days in studio on the set. Location days were tougher. We dealt with some pretty extreme locations!

    Do you have any fun memories or pranks from the show?
    The boys were always teasing me…

    If you could return to PR, would you?
    Hell yeah!!

    General Questions:
    Which of your acting roles was your favorite?
    CABIN FEVER holds a special place in my heart. I also really enjoyed my romantic comedy EVERYBODY WANTS TO BE ITALIAN. I loved my role in COMPLACENT, a drama I did with Steven R. Monroe. And my latest film, MoniKa was a blast, too! I got to play an unemotional tomboy which was a challenge, and I went through some serious gun training.

    What are your favorite hobbies?
    Yoga, yoga, spinning, yoga, cooking, baking, happy hour with my girlfriends, and time with my family. We have "cousins nights" - 20-40 of my cousins all get together and hang and drink and laugh and play games. It's a blast and I'm grateful.

    When did you decide to become an actor?
    I was born with it. I grew up dancing and singing and making up plays in my mother's ballet studio. I did musicals from the time I was 12. I moved to Hollywood at 18 to see if I could "give it a shot" in the
    real world, and it worked! (so far…)

    What advice do you have for other aspiring actors?
    Study! It is a craft. It isn't something you can just wing. Read books, get into acting classes, study performances. Do it for the love of the art, not for fame or fortune - cause the business isn't easy. And most importantly. Be humble and grateful.

    Who are the inspirations in your life?
    Oh, so many! I really am a "lover." I find inspiration from many people all the time. My family, my girlfriends, other filmmakers, books I've I think it's important to see the beauty in life and let it all fuel you to be better and do better.

    What are you currently working on?
    Just did webisodes for the Walking Dead! Directed by Greg Nicotero. It was SO fun to work on, as I'm a fan of the show. I'm also working with the Busted Foundation raising money for breast cancer, and looking forward to the release of my new thriller MoniKa. And I've done a couple little side/passion projects with dear friends and filmmakers that i am thrilled about. A short film called REFLEX - and we're working on putting together a really cool thriller feature now as well. Oh, and I'm TRYING to write a novel. It's been in my head for years, but trying to carve out the time to get the words on the page is another story.
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    Are you still mandated to stay mum about the rumored behind the scenes fiascos of finding a substitute for Valerie during your season and why Amy did not reprise her role as Trakeena during the Lightspeed teamup?

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    Will be really cool if Cerina Vincent enter in Walking Dead !!!

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    I'm working on a Yellow LG cosplay. Can't wait to get it done. LG is my second favorite season.

    Enjoyed the interview thanks.

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    She said Hell Yeah to returning, so maybe somwhere in Megaforce!

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