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Thread: Power Rangers Megaforce Discussion

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    Quote Originally Posted by O.92 View Post
    I'd be surprised if Saban decided not to put all 16, and instead put some teams twice. It's just a matter of determining where each team is placed. It also likely means that the Alien Rangers are excluded.
    I dont think all teams on the wall. I think only 8 teams Only teams that feature the color scheme of Red Black/green Yellow Pink Blue.
    This means that they are probably in order but only that color scheme.
    SPACE, LOST Galaxy, Lightspeed Rescue, Time Force SPD Mystic Force Operation Overdrive Samurai.

    I think they excluded the MMPR MMaR Zeo Turbo, Wild, ninja Dino jungle rpm

    Maybe in Super megaforce they have to go searching for the missing keys (the ones that look to be excluded.) I don't think that first team is MMPR because their boots don't seem to be diamond shaped. )image.jpg this is a zoom in of the crop 0.92 did. image.jpg they clearly look like the same image so I think they are all mirror images.
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    ^There were a perfect amount of spots (16), so if Saban did choose to put the same teams twice rather than fit all primary 16 teams, it'd be a bit disappointing. But as I look at more screenshots and camera angles, it does appear that both sides of the walls are the exact same. Because I'm certainly not seeing any of the teams that stray away from your "basic color palette routine" like Jungle Fury or RPM.

    Quote Originally Posted by Rovang View Post
    Checked the HD encode (seems a little crisper than the picture posted here). It's something -wood.
    I actually thought that too, but wasn't sure enough to post it. But glad I'm not the only one who was on to that.

    Quote Originally Posted by NightMere10 View Post
    Which is why I think it's Hollywood County High School. Like O.92, I've been trying to resize and sharpen the picture to figure it out all day.
    Quote Originally Posted by NightMere10 View Post
    That makes sense. I was thinking of a whole bunch of other combinations too, like Hillwood, and Harwood, and others. Thanks!
    Lol, funny thing is, all those fictional combinations like Hillwood and Harwood came into my mind when I was trying to decipher it as well.

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    Both sides are the same. I figured out yesterday that they are mirrored on both sides, and the order going from the entrance is:


    Operation Overdrive
    Mystic Force
    Time Force
    Lightspeed Rescue
    Lost Galaxy


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    Maybe were over thinking it and those are the powers they don't have to earn from the past ranger teams

    Of the listed teams only half had actual useful gokaiger zord add ons

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    I'd bet heavily on a later episode (s2?) asserting that "all 16 past teams are on the wall and have been all along and what are you talking about, duplicated sets, ha ha, that's crazy talk. *shifty eyes*"

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    Last year, my source mentioned that Power Rangers Megaforce will have last names and a city name. Nick.COM confirmed the last names a few weeks ago with their site launch.

    I spoke with my source last night about the HCH symbol and the computer screen. The source confirmed that the city name is Harwood County and the school is Harwood County High. They mentioned that the name was based on a production member.
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    I KNEW IT!! That's a pretty awesome school name.

    EDIT - 1,500th post. Sweet
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    Cool city & school names. Finally we have a name for the city. Unlike Samurai.

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    I googled "Harwood Power Rangers" to see who it was named after and found out that Harwood County and its public service buildings are named after Janne Harwood, the location manager for Power Rangers Samurai. Don't know whether it was just the episode listed here or if it was the entire seasons (or whether he or she was retained), but still, found out what I needed to

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    I wonder if they will ever mention a school mascot....

    Anyway, I like the name. It basically says where they are, too. Even though we don't know it's exact location, but it's not just an ordinary school name like Basic High or something.
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