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Thread: Power Rangers Megaforce "He Blasted Me With Science" Episode

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    Now that I'm FINALLY getting to catch up with Megaforce, here's MY notes:

    -Rubix cube? Woulda been funnier if he was playing Angry Birds or something. lol
    -"Oh, it's only you." lol
    -Still hating the Rangers saying their names during the opening credits. It's stupid and shoulda been stamped out after the 2nd episode of Samurai. :angry:
    -Jake is being "friendzoned". lol
    -"Gosei Black" on the giant card as they morph? Geez, couldn't edit that, could ya, Saban?
    -"Come on, we can take 'em." "Just try to keep up." Wow! Cocky much, Gia? I'm not liking her yet. Kinda like I didn't with Taylor. Hopefully, this character develops into being more likeable, cuz at this point, I wouldn't be sad to see the monster capture her and take her away forever.
    -"Are you seeing this?" lol Noah has a Batman moment, where the person he's been talking to turns around and he has disappeared.
    -I am DEFINITELY digging the rock music playing as the Rangers fight the Loogies at the beach. Very nice.
    -(Noah comes back out of the water after firing on the monster) Power Rangers uniforms: Now water-resistant. lol
    -"Dynamic Victory Charge!" Very cool. Also, I notice the cards sparkle. Not so cool.
    -"Zombats"? Didn't I see these guys in The Dark Crystal? lol
    -If those things are robots, why not just call them "Robats"? Too corny?
    -"They're Zords!" Noah's never seen a Zord before, has he? How does he know that's what's in their hands?
    -Not digging the "Mechazord" name either. Sounds too close to Megazord. Might confuse some younger fans.
    -"I'm literally flying blind up here"? No you're not. Literally being blind would be if you literally could not see out of your eyes.
    -Emma flew through that tunnel pretty easy. Where was the traffic? Unopened lanes due to road construction, perhaps?
    -Dude! Troy flying out of the sun with the dragon zord....that HAD to be a throwback to when the Falconzord (MMPR) did it.
    -lol They got beamed into the Megazord cockpit Star Trek-style. Nice.
    -When they used the "Victory Charge" card, anyone else notice it had the Japanese name on it? Laaaaaaaazy.
    -All in all, an all right episode.

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    I really dug this episode, a lot more then the first one.

    I'm assuming this is the typical "Teamwork" episode that happens with every new cast of PR.

    I really enjoyed the character development in this episode and how everyone got a chance to shine.

    The Jake/Gia stuff is kind of hamfisted and I hope we can see more development from Jake other then him just crushing on Gia. I like the confidence Gia displays.

    I see that Creepox is the brute of the group, fitting the 'Goldar' mold.

    I thought Yuffo was awesome. Great look and I love the reasoning for him being there. Him "testing" the Rangers (fire, kinetic attacks) was just icing on the cake. I'm used to MMPR where in the first couple seasons Rita would throw !@#ty monsters down to Earth just cause.

    All the CGI with the Zords was a little jarring but I thought they visually looked great. Everyone getting their chance to shine was a lot of fun to watch. Also them having to pilot the Zords to interconnecting with each other was a nice little touch.

    The Dragon Sword and Victory Charge looked bad ***. I'll never forget you Yuffo!

    I'm fully behind the Insectoids.

    Noah was definitely the highlight for me this week. Plus that dude can solve a rubix cube. Props!

    I hate the cards more this episode then last. I'd like to see what the monster is doing while it takes them 10 minutes to do their card tricks. Not a fan at all.

    I'm sure it's a RP trope but I love, love, love how Zordon and Gosei don't tell them what powers they have until ten seconds before they have to use them. If they had hesitated or had freaked out over the Zords, they would have !@#$ed royally. C'mon Gosei you are better than that!

    No stupid robot today, so that was a big plus.

    Again as someone coming straight into this from only watching MMPR, this episode got a huge thumbs up from me. Hopefully I'll get to episode 3 tomorrow or Monday.

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