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Thread: Power Rangers Megaforce "Going Viral" Episode

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    #GoRedOne Miss CD's Avatar
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    Going Viral? I rather be going digital!

    Power Rangers Megaforce
    Episode 03: Going Viral
    February 16, 2013

    Noah has trouble with a heavy weapon, and must learn the power of self-belief in order to accomplish his goals.

    Images | Movie Clips

    The thread will be opened for live posting just before the episode airs.

    Do not ask about full episodes in this thread.
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    #GiantsPride O.92's Avatar
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    New Jersey
    Live Post:
    * Front shot of Harwood County High
    * Noah builds a social networking site
    * Jake shows off the Snake Ax
    * Warstar plans right before the opening theme
    * Noah can't lift the Ax and doubts his strength
    * Virox (Alien of the Day) begins the attack
    * Noah doing push ups
    * Emma asks if she knows that Jake has a crush on her
    * Tensou summons the Rangers
    * Troy, Gia, and Emma morph - Gotta love the morph music!
    * Rangers vs the Alien
    * Noah's solo morph
    * Blue Ranger rescues the woman - this scene was one of the preview clips
    * Decent integration of Goseiger Episode 5 and original footage...except for the woman's jacket
    * Emma's voice reminds me of Emily (PRS)
    * Fun dialogue with Jake's plan (I mean Noah's plan)
    * The Loogies scene is too long
    * Blue and Black Rangers vs Virox
    * Black Ranger reminds Blue Ranger to believe in himself
    * Blue Ranger finally lifts up the Ax and follows up with the Bowgun
    * Nice combination of original and sentai footage for the Power Cards with the Gosei card dialogue.
    * Ranger Roll Call
    * Megaforce Blaster defeats Virox
    * The Samurai Training Music used in Megaforce! This is one of my favorite instrumentals in Samurai.
    * Zombats - one of the few awesome names in Megaforce.
    * Gosei Mechazords Activate - Summon Mechazords!
    * Gosei Great Megazord - Summon Megazord!
    * Seaick...I mean Sea Brothers
    * Sea Megazord (or Seaick Gosei Great)
    * Sea Megazord Victory Charge
    * Noah upgrades the Ax with Titanium Alloy

    Written by Marc Handler
    Directed by Jonathan Brough
    Virox (voice) - Kevin Harty
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    Titanium Ranger Supporter
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    Apr 2012
    "Going Viral" Episode notes:

    -Newer intro? o_0
    -Noah created his own Social Networking site!
    -Jake brings his Snake Axe to school.
    -Jake is still into Gia :3
    -Creepox is very cocky.


    -Nice view of the High School
    -Noah has trouble lifting Jake's "Heavy Weapon". (<-- Sounds a little weird)
    -Virox begins to harass the public.
    -Harwood High name and logo on Noah's computer.
    -Jake revives the bromance between him and Noah.
    -Gia still doesn't notice Jake's crush on her.
    -Virox is turning citizens into Loogies.
    -New Loogie suits? They look more green than usual.
    -Same new Morphing theme from last week.
    -Virox makes corny jokes.
    -Noah protects "The woman" from Virox.
    -"Wait till I get my slime on you!" --That makes me feel slightly uncomfortable.
    -Red, Yellow, and Pink concoct a plan.
    -More spaceship scenes.
    -"The woman" needs to take acting classes.

    -=Commercial Break=-

    -Funny scene between Noah and Jake.
    -Gia complements Jake, and Jake replied in a funny way.
    -How come Troy wasn't infected?
    -Some odd ADR from Troy.
    -Jake and Noah vs. Virox.
    -Virox just owned Jake.
    -Noah comes in to save him from further harm.
    -Noah uses the Snake Axe!
    -Noah kicks Virox's butt!
    -The rest of the Rangers come in to help Noah and Jake.
    -Another Ranger roll call!
    -Megaforce Blaster + Dynamic Victory charge.
    -Noah goes to release the humans and is successful.
    -Vrack sends in the Zombats.

    -=Commercial Break=-

    -Gosei Great Megazord.
    -Virox takes the Dragon Sword.
    -Noah catches the Sword from hitting them.
    -Sea Brothers activated.
    -Unfortunately, it says Seaick twice.
    -Sea Megazord activated.
    -Victory charge!
    -Noah re-calibrates Jake's axe, and then he destroys Noah's computer.

    Overall opinion: It was okay. Not the best. Some continuation errors. How did Noah end up getting the Sea Brothers anyways?
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    #GoRedOne Miss CD's Avatar
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    Nov 2007
    I always wondered we never see Power Rangers play with their personal weapons unmorphed? Jungle Fury had those practice verisons of their secondary weapons.

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    #GiantsPride O.92's Avatar
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    Aug 2007
    New Jersey
    Vrak's name pronounced:

    Vrack (like rack) - 1
    Vrock (like Brock) - 2

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    Ninja MegaDragonzord!
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    Jun 2012
    North Georgia
    Live post:

    Social Networking? About time
    Unmorphed Snake Axe
    Noah lifting the axe and failing
    Noah doubting himself
    Jake and Noah
    People turned into loogies
    It's Morphin' Time!
    American made footage!
    Blue morph
    Jake arrives
    Troy and girls leave
    Jake accidentally crushing Noah's foot
    Gia complimenting Jake - what?
    ADR hurts so much
    How much American footage is there?
    Time to believe
    Megaforce Blaster
    How does a falling building not hurt anyone?
    Megazord fight
    Sword taken - about time a monster did that
    Seaick - I mean Sea Zords debut
    Megazord remix?
    Japanese - just ignore it.
    Jake's jealous
    How did the Axe not cut the computer in half?
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    Jan 2013
    Time for my live post!

    * Noah's such a troll.
    * Can I just say how much I love the Warstar aliens?
    * Clear shot of the Harwood Country school name.
    * This morphin' theme is so much cooler than Samurai's.
    * Love seeing American footage.
    * Now that preview clip makes sense. They weren't supposed to be hitting/hurting them anyway.
    * Pretty creative quarantine.
    * Still loving the roll call.
    * Delayed Megazord fight? I like it.
    * Not the best scene transition.
    * That new card thing reminds me of the new spell codes from Mystic Force.

    Overall, pretty good episode. Nice interactions between Noah, Jake, and Gia. Really wish Troy would get to do something. He didn't even have any unmorphed lines!
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    Galactic Tide! Energize! shielded117's Avatar
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    Near Winston-Salem, NC
    Live Post:

    -Noah's created a new website
    -Jake- still trying to impress Gia
    -Jake wants Noah's help in balancing his axe
    -Vrak - pronounced as rock again.
    -Noah has some self-confidence issues
    -Emma confronts Gia about Jake's crush - who plays dumb?
    -Virox's sneeze turns humans into Loogies - making the name even more fitting
    -Tensou is very reminiscent of Alpha in his worrisome-ness.
    -Noah comes up with a plan to quarantine the infected Loogies
    -Noah and Jake take on Virox again and Jake is down for the count.
    -Noah saves the day by wielding the Snake Axe
    -Troy and the girls show up and the five blast the virus away.
    -Gia's impressed with Noah! - and Jake's ok with it.
    -Zombat time!
    -Dang! Virox janked the Megazord's sword
    -Noah catches the sword's strike in the shark's mouth
    -New Power Cards - Sea Brothers, join together and form Sea Gosei Great
    -Victory Charge destroys Virox
    -Noah makes the Snake Axe 40% lighter and Jake loses control...

    Overall, not a bad episode.
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    I'm not really big on these eps where they're morphed 90% of the time.

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    Once again, Azim is the most natural, and best, actors on here. But John is getting up there and I'm liking Noah more and more with each episode. I liked that Noah created the social networking site. But, I'm not liking how we still don't really know anything about Troy and Emma despite being told what we already know. These two characters are the only ones we haven't seen anything new with. I'm really hoping there'll be more to Jake instead of focusing on his crush on Gia. I know there's 17 episodes left, but I'm anxious to see more of his soccer skills. (I can never get tired of that roll call.)

    Overall, I liked the message in this one and I think that John did an amazing job in this episode. His "Well, I guess we're about to find out" was great. And I just love how he says "Shark Bowgun." But all in all, it was showing Jake and Noah's friendship that I really enjoyed seeing; showing their personalities between Jake being cocky and Noah being sensible. The American Footage was great and looked amazing. (Did anyone think the Pink suit was brighter than usual?) However, I felt like the episode was really just a filler with the added bonus of having a new zord formation. I'm not a big fan of zord fights. Their ADR could've had more power behind it; I felt it was lackluster from time to time and Emma/Christina is still talking like Emily. (I think she can sound like both Emily and Mia from time to time).

    I give it a 3.5/5

    (And to think we only needed to wait until the third episode to figure out the school name).

    PS: And this episode has Kirstie MacDiarmid (from B&M Creative Artists) as "The Woman" -

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