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Thread: Power Rangers Super Megaforce Pre-Discussion

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    I'm not saying that they don't do things through their agents, I'm just saying I don't think they all have the same agents.

    EDIT - I think I misinterpreted what you meant. I thought you were saying Steve, Karan, Jessica, and Blake (for example) all had the same agents, not that they had the same agents as they did when on PR. That could be the case, and it might not. People change agents all the time.

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    ^ Yes, already has been posted here.

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    Okay then I just deleted it. Though despite how Saban's production crew is casting past members, contacting about 60 of them is actually impressive in my opinion. Yeah the rest are left out but its interesting to know.
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    Frank Brown (Robert Bruce Talent Agency) has the role of "Zoo Keeper" in Super Megaforce

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    There was news of them filming at a zoo from several months ago, wasn't there?

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    Quote Originally Posted by DigiRanger1994 View Post
    That's unfortunate, but not surprising. Shayla's just gonna continue her spiting. She takes the jackets and morphers and she's yet to give them back. I know I know it's all production reasons but it is the last time we saw the Wild Force Rangers, and that's quite a :sad: fact
    Heres a fun fact. Overdrive is the only other season where the rangers doesn't appear outside of their seasons.

    It had to be the "anniversary" season rangers that doesn't appear outside of their seasons. I wonder if Megaforce continues this, or if their actors return for a teamup in 2015/2016.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FE21 View Post
    There was news of them filming at a zoo from several months ago, wasn't there?
    Yup, it seems for the episode where they might get he Wild Force powers or at least have the keys powered up.

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    Najee just informed me that he won't be going to New Zealand. Hector and Brittany are the only two Samurai cast members for next week's filming.

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    Finally some good news!

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    ^ Hahahahaha! I don't like his character too. XD

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