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Thread: Tokusatsu Watch List II

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    Turboranger(Finished)Amazing Sentai glorious...

    Super Sentai

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    I just finished Carranger. Finally! Even at only 48 episodes, this is the longest sentai I've ever watched. This took me eons to get through. I thought Ninninger was bad. I thought Hurricaneger was bad. I thought Megaranger was bad, but this one takes the cake. Carranger is now the worst sentai I've ever seen so far. With bland characters, lame villains, an uninteresting plot, and unfunny humor, this sentai is Murphy's Law: Anything that can go wrong, did go wrong. I know it's a parody sentai, but that means nothing to me when I don't care about the characters or think the show is funny. This puts Turbo in a whole new perspective for me, and I now better understand why I don't like that show either. After watching 2 terrible sentais in a row, I pray Ohranger doesn't make it a hat trick, and as for KR, I just have to finish up Wizard (I'm on episode 40), then I'm on to Fourze. Also, the more I think about it, the more I hate Megaranger, so I'm moving it down. As for my sentai ranking:

    Current Sentai Ranking:
    1) Gokaiger
    2) Shinkenger
    3) Gekiranger
    4) Go-Busters
    5) Magiranger
    6) Dekaranger
    7) Gingaman
    8) Timeranger
    9) Kyoryuger
    10) Boukenger
    11) Go-Onger
    12) Goseiger
    13) Abaranger
    14) GoGo V
    15) Zyuohger
    16) Gaoranger
    17) ToQger
    18) Hurricaneger
    19) Ninninger
    20) Megaranger (It was at 19)
    21) Carranger

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