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Thread: Power Rangers Dino Charge Merchandise

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    Dino Charge is super good. It's actually the very first TV show I watched where I got merchandise of it less than 24 hours after I watched it. (I got headphones) My mom took me to a store I find too cluttered and this was during Ninja Steel's airing. I actually found quite a few Dino Charge toys at the boys toys section. (I'm a girl btw, I've always liked toys for both genders) Like, there were action figures, and I think I saw some other toys there? I dunno. While we were checking out, my mom asked me if I was going to buy anything. I shyly walked up to the headphone rack and grabbed myself some Dino Charge headphones. She then included it in the checkout while she was rolling her eyes. xD MOM I'M SORRY FOR LOVING POWER RANGERS I CAN'T HELP IT MMKAY

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    Who else's Walmart still have Dino Supercharge figures? I asked the lady at my closest store that when will they get new Power Rangers figures? She told me if the ones in stock (which is the Dino Supercharge) figures are selling. If not there's no chance of getting newer ones in (Ninja Steel)

    What? I've should've said:


    Every Walmart I go to still have those figures shelf warming and its getting annoying.

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    Hey, do they have Dino Charge Zords or Super Drive figures near you, or the Gold Legendary Chargers?

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    Quote Originally Posted by GalanDun View Post
    Hey, do they have Dino Charge Zords or Super Drive figures near you, or the Gold Legendary Chargers?
    Nope. They only still have the figures. Just Shelbys, Kendalls and a few villians

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