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Thread: Bio-Man

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    I was thinking about the article I read a few years about saban adopting bioman as bio-man and I wondering was the pilot that was made ever released? Or can we find it on the internet? I've seen the dynaman parody dub on random video sites I was wondering if this was too? If not does anyone know the details surrounding it?

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    The pilot was never released. I believe Saban and Shout Factory were looking for it one point but never did. Saban did, however, find a copy of the original Zyuranger pilot he made (thinking that it was the Bio-Man one) and that was added as a special feature in one of the Shout Factory DVDs instead.

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    From what I understand, the pilot for Bio-Man (Saban's show, not the English dubbed version) was exactly like the pilot for MMPR. Same names, character traits, and everything else, except with the Bioman suits instead of the Zyuranger suits.

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    ^And different actors as well.

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    So what was this whole galaxy rangers things? An early mmpr pitch or something?0

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    I thought that was for zeo or other of the other series.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tavionjackson View Post
    So what was this whole galaxy rangers things? An early mmpr pitch or something?0
    International title for Zyuranger.

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    ^And a stupid one. What does Zyuranger have to do with galaxies? It doesn't have Ginga in it's name, it's a self styled "dinosaur fantasy", and the theme is prehistoric beast God avatars vs myths and legends recreated by a witch. Absolutely nothing to do with space (other than the villains base being on the moon), so what the heck were Toei thinking when they chose that name? It should've been Beast Rangers, since Beast is what Zyu translates as.

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    So was the pr-style pilot for bio-man a hoax or is it uncertain to say? And wasn't jetman going to be dubbed as well as jetman rangers?

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    not 100% MMPR. The MMPR DVDs set shows that in the "Galaxy Ranger" video the Rangers would of been different. Billy was the jock/heartthrob, Zach was a detective, Trini was a novelist, only "Victor" and Kimberly were similar to their MMPR counterparts. The Villain Zadar had the same origin and motivation as Bioman from how it sounds.

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