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Thread: The RangerCrew Feedback Thread

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    I think "No Direct Quote" is pretty stupid. Any admin or mods to be able to edit any member to remove the direct quote.

    For the image in the quote, I understand, but this?

    So care to explain this?
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    It slows down board performance, and drives up host costs. Since quoting the post immediately above you is actually useless, we decided it'd be best to discourage it completely.

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    Oh so that's why. Ok I will try not to use the "No Direct Quote"

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    I know that the forum is basically for power rangers but could it be possible if we were getting kamen rider, super sentai, garo banners as well to choose from? At least from the ongoing series it would be great. A mixed banner of all those including ninja steele would be cool as well
    Last edited by Ryan Steele; 06-15-2017 at 04:49 PM.

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