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Thread: The RangerCrew Feedback Thread

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    While the mods work hard to keep this place running smoothly and effectively, it's you guys our memberbase that keeps the heart pumping, so we're looking for any feedback you guys have. What're we doing right, what're we doing wrong, anything you feel that needs improvement, got any ideas you want to share, let us know.

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    I feel like banning a member for being a jerk when the mod staff rarely actually tells the member in question to stop being a jerk is pretty wrong. According to the rules, my temporary ban should have been two days long and only after an infraction. Which, to be fair, I have had, but it was a solid year ago, and even after that the rules say I'd get a two day ban, not the two weeks I originally got.

    I do appreciate the civil conversation via Twitter (even moreso because I didn't ask for one, I was being a snarky ***) and resulting lessening of my sentence though.

    If enough people are reporting my ******* (or, more likely, incredibly blunt) posts that the staff feels they need to do something, I would appreciate being spoken to first. I don't know if telling everyone in a thread to stop arguing counts in your eyes, but it doesn't in mine; a warning should be more personal and directed via PM, not a mod saying "hey everyone, stop arguing and get back on topic" which is the only real warning I've gotten in a solid year.

    Despite the fact that I have a thing about stupidity and hypocrisy in general, I am not so unreasonable that I would ignore a mod PMing me a warning.

    In general, though, that's my only real issue (which I don't expect to be resolved in my favor, but hey, you asked). You guys do okay work in general.

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    Glad you brought it up, that's the point of this thread. We're not perfect, we all make mistakes & there's things we can do better. So I'm glad to hear some critique in here.

    It's definitely something we'll be more mindful of the next time. And perhaps something we can do better. It's been a couple years since we put the new rules in place, maybe it's time to revisit them.
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    I like that we weren't forced to change the layout on our own screens and had multiple options. Other websites *coughTumblrcough* force hideous format changes on you.

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    I really like this board and I visit here sometimes, not much to post. Unless if there is something news coming up for the future PR season. There was only ONE thing that bothers me that the moderators/super moderators who hasn't ban tails from this board but now tails has been disappeared. His username listed him as a guest. I'm glad he is not here anymore. Now officially, the board is having a peace, finally. :-)

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