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Thread: Saban's Power Rangers Movie Discussion

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tommy Lawson View Post
    Power Rangers is currently ranked #9 on today's Twitter Numbers at However, there does not appear to be an archive for that chart to compare it to. "Where's the trailer?" has been a very common topic among those tweets.

    What I find concerning at this point is that it appears to me Target has ordered A LOT of Power Rangers toys, both for the movie and Ninja Steel. There is the pack of Ranger figures, and the additional power swords. I saw a substantial part of an aisle and an endcap dedicated to Power Rangers. Sounds great, right? Well, that's only if they sell. Target each year has a toy clearance in July. What is working against Power Rangers is both the lack of promotion from Lionsgate, and that there is a new video game console being released in the same month as the movie, the Nintendo Switch, and Nintendo always does well with family audiences. Target could have a huge amount of Power Rangers leftovers if the movie doesn't do well. Consider that a pair of Joy-Con controllers is $80, and while the deluxe movie Megazord is sold at Toys R Us and not Target, its $99.99 price point versus the controller price could easily mean it is going to be sitting on shelves if families have to choose one to get.
    I've been to a few Targets lately and only one of them was completely well stocked but to be fair it looked like someone had just set up the planogram recently. It was far too organized for a toy section.

    Also, Nintendo Switch preorders are already gone so unless they are extremely quick to restock it shouldnt be a problem. Not to mention a kid walking around with a $300 console in hand might not be the same kid who is interested in a piece of half painted plastic.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dijeirusan View Post
    New PR meme going viral on Imgur and Tumblr:
    That kind of rage and whining is hypocritical.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dijeirusan View Post
    New PR meme going viral on Imgur and Tumblr:
    That's actually pretty funny. R.I.P. Chris Farley

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