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Thread: Saban's Power Rangers Movie Discussion

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    Dub vs Sub is pretty much the same as Power Rangers vs Super Sentai

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    Element Power Ice.
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    ^That's how I tend to view it myself as those that say dub sucks as it isn't the original version is the same excuse that the majority or all of the Sentai purists uses when they are bashing Power Rangers or any of the other American adaptation of Toku shows originated from Japan. I just shake my head at them and move on as they are nothing but trolls who only cares about their opinions and whoever doesn't have the same view as them are wrong.

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    This is the face that @dacremontgomery gives you when you ask for an update on @PowerRangers

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    Well it's like the cast don't know anything just like us. They are all probably doing what we are waiting for announce and calls. While they continue with there careers in other projects between then.

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    angelsilvio135 Sooooo???? I'm not seeing any issue here or any issue with his look. (how did the reporter asked it)

    He's there to promo his TV show. I'm sure he's been asked that a few times as have the rest of the cast. Becky and RJ got asked that a # of times when they did that VR thing a few weeks back when the DVD came out. They said they don't know and are waiting to hear back.

    At least people keep asking about power rangers.
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