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Thread: Power Rangers: The Ultimate Visual History

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    New cover, price, and pages revealed:

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    New Jersey
    Looks like all these designs are just placeholders as everything says "Final Design to be Revealed". Plus, none if it is English...

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    It's lorem ipsum. Its a placeholder text used in page design.
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    Even more excited than before. Gives us tons of photos, please!

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    some nice looks and set up for how pages will look.

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    Well well well.

    That's a definite order coming from me! but £41.14 is that right?!
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    Hopefully they will wait a bit and include Ninja Steel in this edition
    since it's the 25th Anniversary of the franchise. Part 1 just went on break.

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    Nice. Very nice.

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    Looking forward to brushing up on my Latin.

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    ^ Well it's out in November so there'll be plenty of time to include Ninja Steel.

    And it looks like the book will feature the whole franchise from A to B so the MMPRphobics can relax! I wonder how much pre-MMPR Sentai will be in there (to tell the backstory) also it looks like merchandise of all sorts will feature, presumably as well as rare designs and stuff never before seen in public.

    Very exciting for PR to get this book, looks really good and proper!

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