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Thread: Doubutsu Sentai Zyuohger Discussion Thread III

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    The Taisen films are a different case since those never really fit into continuity with Drive's and Ghost being exceptions and the Sentai staff generally ignore them (IE the previous and current Sentai will meet there only to show no familiarity with each other in the Vs. film). Zyuoh/Ghost and presumably Kyu/Ex-Aid being anomalies since there's no mention of their worlds merging so both get treated like they co-inhabit the same world. So yeah, I think it falls under the realms of "Same world, we just choose to ignore each other and stay confine their own stories."

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    I will have a look for it - it was on the HJU forums at some point, I'll dig it out.
    It would be cool, thanks.

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    I consider VS movies to be canon and the crossover episodes in Ninninjer and Zyuohger are definitely canon. They're only non-canon when they contradict show continuity like CarRanger vs Ohranger. It's impossible since the movie was 1997 but Ohranger was 1999.
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    Same here. Unless something happen that prove it can't fit into continuity, i don't waste my time with the VS universe XD

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    The VS movie had a copy-paste of Gaoranger VS Super Sentai due to the Liveman Red Falcon's appearance.
    Nice to see Tsumuji Igasaki morphing again, and a kid ranger after a long time.
    I missed the absence of Chouzetsu power-up and Super Starninger in VS movie. This absences confuses many Ninninger viewers.
    Shurikenjin is more powerful than Zyuoh king and Zyuoh Wild is nonsense...
    Genis, the Deathgalien's owner, doesn't appear and Bud doesn't morph into Zyuoh Bird because Kyuranger debut cameo.
    I give a 6/10 rating to this movie.

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    so the VS movie is not good? great.. it's third time i skipped a VS movie. why it become bad after Kyoryuger vs Go-Busters? right because in Kyoryu vs Go-Bus, it had Abaranger while Ninninger VS ToQger movie don't have Hurricanger or Kakuranger.. thank a lot, Nanami!

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    Quote Originally Posted by MoonRanger 598 View Post
    The kyuranger debut was okay.Only Lucky,Naga,Balance,Spada and Hammy spoke the others had no line and didn't speak at all.
    I don't think Balance spoke. And Stinger did. Only the Kyurangers with real human actors had lines, actually. Made sense to me since they're technically the new 5.

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