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Thread: Doubutsu Sentai Zyuohger Discussion Thread III

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    ZyuohGorilla Smash! lol

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    Zyougher Returns...

    The Tournemant be just a game of life and Death for the Main Villan which saw the Life was can be used to gain power and Money was the main treasure to became selfish and kind is motives are diferent from Genis, and the analosy of him he was diferent Genis destroyed for fun, and him destroyed life for Money.

    Sela and Leo finally settle the rivalty they had in the Zyougher and Misao and Lilian had there final battle and becamed a couple, awkard things happens in Super Sentai world.

    The Returns of the DeathGaliens generals were nice, and nobody reminds of Jagd, the first DeathGalien defeated for Zyougher in the Premiere, and Zyoh Condor sadly is just a illusion created be the Condor for Merge Yamato and Bud.

    Well now let us wait for there Team-up between Kyuranger and Zyougher...

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