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Thread: Uchu Sentai Kyuranger Discussion Thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by tavionjackson View Post
    Kyuranger 17 & 18 were written by Dekaranger vs Gavan writer Naruhisa Arakawa. They air the two weeks before the movie comes out. Crossover or some sort of connection possibly?
    This is awesome. He was the head writer for Dekaranger and Gokaiger, 2 of my favorite sentais. I hope to god this isn't some crossover bullcrap and that he's just here to write some great episodes, because lord knows this show needs a great writer badly. Why in the hell couldn't he come back to be the head writer for Kyuranger? Maybe then this show wouldn't be such a massive disappointment.

    As for Kyuranger episode 15: This was a bad episode disguised as a good episode. I totally understand how someone could think this is a good episode, because it didn't have the mind-numbing stupidity of last week's episode, and it has some of the elements of a potentially good episode, but it just didn't come together for me. That being said, I would certainly rather have an episode like this than last week's episode. As for the good, I liked the stuff with Scorpio, Stinger and Champ, and it was easily the best part of the episode for me. The problem is, that's all side stuff, and it can't save the whole episode. As for the main plot...

    Now for the bad. I like the idea of this episode, but I just think it failed on execution. I don't get why everything rested on getting that girl to not be shy and tell the village about the monster being the fake Loch Ness monster savior. The Kyurangers knew, and they even found out how the monster was projecting himself, so it just feels like the episode is padding itself out when they're trying to get that girl to talk, and it even makes Hammy's backstory fall flat to me. Once they found out the monster's plan, they didn't need the girl for anything. They could have stopped it themselves. Also, the Naga stuff didn't work for me at all. I don't mind Naga being comic relief, but between this and him standing on a chair to practice his smiling, it's not working for me, and it's a shame, because Naga, along with Balance, were starting to become some of my favorite characters. I know Naga can be a little naive, but they didn't have to make him a straight up idiot. I didn't think Naga was funny at all in this episode.

    As for next week's episode, after 2 weeks of bad episodes, I need it to be good. and hopefully it will be, since it's focusing on Stinger, Scorpio, and Champ.

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    Quote Originally Posted by YellowAccel View Post
    I know it would make sense since there's a movie to promote, but i could care less about seeing the Dekaranger again... 2 of them were in SHTZ, they had 2 movies, that's enough for me. It know it will never happen, but i'd prefer something with the rest of the Dairanger czst, the Carranger or the Flashman...
    Den-O became Chou Den-O so I guess Dekaranger has become Chou Dekaranger!

    New thread time.

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    Yep .

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