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Thread: My custom Power Rangers movie (2017) shirt design

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    Hi guys,

    i've finally finished this design yesterday, after spending an intense last two days on it (not counting the time prior to that). I'm really happy with how it turned out and i can't wait to rock this to the movie screening this week. I'm so hyped for this movie and as with big movies that i follow with great excitement, i like creating myself a custom design to wear on a shirt. The design fits pretty nicely on phone cases as well. Hope you guys like it as well. Fingers crossed the movie is a blast.

    Since i'm not sure if i'm allowed to post the link to the shirt, i'll just post the image of the design.

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    Hello,I find a alternate option to make new and professional designs. is good platform to create new Tshirt designs easily with help of their team. Also can print same design as per requirement. I found Intresting _work on this site.

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