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Thread: Pocket Monsters Sinnoh And Unova Edits

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    I will be working on fan tweaks for Pocket Monsters Generation 4 and 5
    for Game Boy Advance but I may need mapper and game title
    editor help. Once done both Diamond And Pearl will be able
    to be played on GBA Emulator. I can find games with the
    Gen 4 and 5 pocket Monsters but final touch ups will need
    to be made. Please let me know if you guys can help with
    the final edit phase so it plays like the DS games.

    Somebody has already done the XY generation

    Also I hope to do the same for Sun and Moon.
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    Sun And Moon Edit Updates

    Somebody got the Generation VII Pocket Monsters added into Fire Red
    so I'm taking that further by swapping in for Alola Region themed
    town names.

    The new names now show up when you enter town.

    Route system now reflects Sun And Moon.

    Alola Region themed town names now show up in the Hoenn
    Map when you use the map.

    Need to relist the Pokedex for 6th and 7th Gen Pocket Monsters
    and add their data later. Then reset those sprites

    Also may swap in for Gen 6 and 7 Pokemon. (All 7 are in the Fire Red Hack.)

    I just need to maybe do some final touch ups and change the story
    names to reflect (Town names)

    Alola Names now show up when you pause the game and save. The Alola name now shows up in your player ident box for current location

    Also a game title will need to be added.
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