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Thread: Uchu Sentai Kyuranger Discussion Thread II

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    I was under whelmed by shishi red-orion. I also think that orion's death and the mecca battle were both greatly uneeded and unwaranted

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    Quote Originally Posted by YellowAccel View Post
    Some people seems to think Naga is the new Don Armage in the present. I don't think it's the case since we saw him next to several screens showing Don Armage but... Am i the only one who noticed the Don Armage from the past use the same weapon than Naga ?
    Yeah, I noticed too. Maybe he's Don Armage distant relative lol.

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    Super Sentai have done distant relatives of previous monsters. Case in point: The monsters that appeared in the Timeranger/GoGo-V Team Up!

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    I love to see a twist with the villains at the end where the current Don Armage is a new true threat.

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    I have a question regarding Kotaro. I remember when they announced him, he was going to have the ability to grow adult size. Are they saving that for much later, or did they just scraped the idea?

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    Probably replaced by his giant size power.

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    Which he uses when someone calls him small in battle.

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