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Thread: 2018 Super Sentai Rumors Thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kaizoku Blue View Post
    Toei would have to pay a lot of money to use those brand names in the show
    Most car manufacturers don't charge for their brand and cars to be licensed, and instead take a cut from gross sales.

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    Hmm birds and hand fans as changer. Birds I think is a fine idea as it been used a few times. But man oh man fans as morpher would be a really out there morpher like sunglasses, and a burger have been.

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    Honestly, when I think of how they use it to morph, I think of Ibuki. First they fully open the fan, then swipe like Ibuki to have the wind tornado around them as they morph.

    However, until we get images, it could be cars or birds or whatever. Lately seasons after post-anniversary have brought newer dynamics to how the team is formed. Dai had a kid sixth. Ginga had the Extra pass on his powers to another. Aba had sixth as a villain and a sixth in a team of 5. Go-On had a duo of sixths. Kyo had 10 rangers (technically 11 with Navy). It will be interesting to see the new dynamic.

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