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Thread: 2018 Super Sentai Rumors Thread

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    You know I'm all for a car-themed sentai so I definitely am looking forward if the rumor is true. Go-Onger and Carranger are fun/pardoy seasons and apparently Turboranger is also that way and while I'm a big fan of Go-Onger and Carranger very much I hope this time we get a serious-toned car team.

    In a perfect world tho, I really want another time-travelling team. They don't have to come from a future like Timeranger did. They can be from the present time travelling to the past to fight crime. This way, occasionally, there's opportunity for the team to get help from the past sentai teams. I always thought that would be so cool. Like if they have to travel back to 1985 to go after the MOTD then maybe Changeman can show up and lend our team a hand.

    Quote Originally Posted by Gokai Fan 35 View Post
    Rio and Mele are extras. They were counted.
    I'm glad this came up. The Ninninger special (eps.7) actually showcased pictures of all teams where each team included their official Bangai (Extra) in the picture, e.g.: Dekaranger's has Deka Master and Swan, Boukenger's has Zubaan, Kyoryuger's has all 10, etc.

    Now if you notice, Gekiranger's picture is actually missing Rio and Mele. While Rio and Mele were included in Gokaiger's official Bangai line-up, I can't tell whether TOEI just couldn't find a picture of Gekiranger that had Mele and Rio on it or did they actually backtrack from the decision of making Rio and Mele official Bangai. Similar case has happened before with Ohranger's GunMajin. Boukenger's Special File deemed GunMajin an official Bangai but didn't include him in Gokaiger official Bangai line-up. Poor GunMajin.

    Quote Originally Posted by Sh Ranger View Post
    Gingaman is definitely not proof since I consider Black Knight to be a sixth ranger. Carrrrrrrranger could be an exception but there are people out there who think White Racer is a sixth ranger so that's still not proof....Extras are supporting characters who stay in the background like the Spirit Rangers and Zyuoh Bird.
    Dude you can believe whatever you want, but Black Knight is not Gingaman's 6th. It's been confirmed since Boukenger's run that Kuroukishi (Black Knight) is a Bangai. They cleared that straight up. You only think he's a 6th probably because he has a human alter-ego in Hyuuga. Well, he didn't, not at first. Black Knight was just like Ninjaman, just like Signalman, he was his own person. If you watch Gingaman, then you should know well that Kuroukishi's story arc doesn't qualify him as a conventional 6th. He was on his own most of the time. He had his own agenda. He didn't fight alongside Gingaman eventually like any given 6th would. And even by the time Ryuuga, the human host, finally took over his place, Ryuuga as Kuroukishi STILL had to go on his own quest most of HIS time, what with Buchrates holding him hostage and all. Kuroukishi teaming up with the Gingaman for a battle was actually such a rare occasion in Gingaman. It did happen from time to time, but it was not often. Kuroukishi was more of a supporting hero in that matter. This, according to you, should qualify him as Bangai, which he is, officially is.

    Geki Chopper is also not a 6th. Because of Ken's story, and that, you know, he's the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, FIFTH Gekiranger! The literal fifth Gekiranger. I find it super bizarre to deem Geki Chopper as Gekiranger's 6th when the evidence that he is not is sitting right there in front of us. Gekiranger has 7 Rangers so one of them has to be sixth? I mean you will actually consider Rio or Mele a main Gekiranger BEFORE Ken... WHAT?! Mele and Rio are not even Gekiranger! It's not "Geki Mele" or "Geki Rio". They're Rinjuuken. They're the other academy. Even their official Bangai status has now become questionable. It's even more bizarre than calling White Racer Carranger's 6th. Abare Pink would be so maaad! Ikari Gai would sue!

    "But Abare Killer...?", I know. Again, check out the ranger's story. During Boukenger's run, Abare Killer was actually not classified as 6th. But TOEI likely checked out Mikoto's story arc after that and found that it fit 6th's stereotype more suitably so they make him Abaranger's 6th even though he's technically 5th there. If we're just going by gadgets and mechas then we'll never hear the end of it. Those things vary from time to time. I always go with story-wise first. It makes the most sense.

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    ^ I haven't seen Gingaman yet so I'll take your word for Black Knight. You explained your perspective using comprehensive logic rather than showing me irrelevant videos and pictures like Gokai Fan 35 was doing. I just figured Black Knight would be the same as Magna Defender but I guess Lost Galaxy used the suit more often in exclusive footage with Mike and the Galaxy Rangers together.

    I maintain my classification of Geki Chopper however. It's true that Rio and Mele aren't Gekirangers but Ikkou and Ishuu aren't Hurricangers either, yet they're not considered extras and they even appeared in the first episode. Even if we disregard Rio's and Mele's presence, there are still 5 rangers and Geki Chopper is very similar to Abare Killer. White ranger, original character, unique suit, weapon and mecha and conventional debut. Therefore, I think he meets all the necessary sixth ranger criteria so I will continue to count him with the others.

    Personally, I don't think White Racer is a sixth. I consider her to be more like a pseudo sixth since she has her own mecha.

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    Its not irrelevant if you just don't wanna see the evidence. It's like this is what I'm up against as I solidly back up my points.

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