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Thread: My Power Rangers Season Tier List (My Opinion)

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    The more to the right means worse

    S Tier (Amazing):

    A Tier (Great):

    B Tier (Good):

    C Tier (Eh):

    D Tier (Mediocre):

    E Tier (Bad):

    F Tier (Awful):

    And thats it, Rhino Ranger out!
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    I agree with most of this. But the Megaforce Seasons were the worst for me due to the potential zord formations, story lines & monsters they should have used.

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    You can't really rate Ninja Steel at thus point, but I would put Overdrive where Megaforce and Super Megaforce is. Mystic Force should go to the C tier that season's fine to me.

    Is Antonio used to represent Super Samurai?

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    TreyMo90: Is Antonio used to represent Super Samurai?
    Me: Yes

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