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Thread: Power Rangers Ninja Steel "Rocking And Rolling" Episode

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    So Im gonna watch this right now and type my reactions as I watch...
    -basherbots??... I wonder are only for this episode??
    -the cheeseburger camera??.... bruh!!!
    -communicator goes off and they dont find a place to go to.. I guess thats common in 2017 compared to

    Intro- I like this intro its grown on me.

    -they threw trash in a recycling bin.. shame on them... how you move a bin from inside anyway??...lmao!
    -what was the purpose of the ninja outfits if you dont fight in them??
    -Its morphing time!! The morphing sequence is pretty dope!! "Ninja Rangers fear no danger!".. Meh... I get it!
    -New monsters (basherbots) are tough but none of the rangers got hit yet... How are they tough?
    -I like the Levi story line so far. Busy music star/ Ranger. Wanna see how that plays out in future.


    -once again a Ranger has yet to be hit
    -They use a lot of extras
    -knocking down the building graphics were nice.
    -why did security throw Monty and Victor into the instruments instead of out the concert?


    -Ninja tornado attack was nice.
    -Brody finally got hit...
    -Who is the leader Brody or Levi??
    -say cheeseburger and a selfie... That killed that who attack which was a good attack.
    -bullrider zord... horrible name
    -he jumped in his zord.. nice touch. I always been a fan of that
    -robo rider zord & ninja bull zord... better names
    -Gotta stop saying Ninja Spin!!!Its worse than Epic
    -Ninja Master... thumbs up.. I wanna see it pre zord
    -they are introducing waaaaaay too much in one episode
    -Did Hayley just walk in a building with a wolf and let it go???
    -when did being in underwear become cool for kids tv?? (this has happened more than once)
    -Levi has a 5 o' clock shadow talking about getting back in high school...
    -Did he just announce hes a ranger in front of a crowd of people that love him (yeah im digging too deep)
    -That announcer at end looks familiar.

    Conclusion: decent episode. I like the story of Levi and I wonder where are gonna go with it. I wish he would've went on tour though and had the story play out that way. I like the Zords. but the battle was just okay. Too many ninja spins and super powers not enough kicks and punches. They also threw too many combo zords in there at one time. I also wanted to see them battle the bots in the ninja suits. 0 Redbot and a quick clip of Mick, Im okay with that. They werent needed. rating 1-5... Ill give this episode a 3. Beside the annoying saying "epic" and "ninja spin" it was decent. Writing wasnt bad this episode.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Fufer View Post
    -when did being in underwear become cool for kids tv?? (this has happened more than once)
    Um...dude. Characters have been stripped to their underwear for literally my entire life. So it "became cool" at least 25 years ago.

    For example:

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